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IBM Mobile Database is a free product for Android applications. It has many enterprise features that ease the development of complex applications, making it possible to integrate and synchronize the Android application’s data sets into larger database (DB) deployments using existing IBM DB2 or IBM Informix databases. It also allows your Android application to operate in offline mode and then conciliate the data with the remote DB2 or Informix databases.

Free IBM Mobile database for Android

When we develop mobile applications, there are several use cases and scenarios that require us to use a mobile database. We have to deal with intermittent connections, avoid poor usability and responsiveness, cope with limited bandwidth by reducing network communication (less traffic may mean less charges), reduce battery drain and respond to many other mobile computing constraints.

IBM Mobile Database can address all those requirements as well as provide many other enterprise features by allowing us to build complex, robust applications. One might say that we have many other mobile database options for Android, including the native SQLite. While this is true, depending on your enterprise requirements, you will need to build several custom, in-house mechanisms to allow for truly robust integration with back-end databases and systems. This is a hard, error-prone task!

So these are the key differentiators of the IBM Mobile Database: its enterprise-ready capabilities, tight integration with IBM DB2 and Informix, and leverage of IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture to support advanced replication, synchronization and caching schemes.

Some outstanding features of IBM Mobile Database are:

  • Full-featured relational DB with standard Structured Query Language (SQL) application programming interface (API), procedures, triggers
  • Flexible enterprise options such as partitioning data or creating views to customize data for each device or use
  • 6 MB footprint, in-memory database to fit on mobile devices
  • Fast and reliable access to enterprise data offline, including enterprise-level data security
  • Persistent, transactional data storage with automatic recovery during connection loss
  • Built-in replication as it provides the capability to synchronize data with DB2 and Informix databases. You can use your DB2 or Informix data applications offline on your Android application and then synchronize the database later, when you are online

So, with so many facilitators and enterprise-ready features, this amazing database solution has the mechanisms to allow you to approach your next Android application solution the right way.

Would you consider the IBM Mobile Database for your your next Android application?

Let me know your opinion. Please provide feedback in the comments section or connect with me on Twitter at @juarezjunior.

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August 27, 2013
5:14 am

The link takes you to the SolidDB documentation center, where the support platform fail to list Android, did I miss something?

Posted by: Mike
May 1, 2013
3:57 am
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