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Apperian has announced that IBM® Worklight® and Apperian® EASE® are now integrated. What does that mean for you?

This integrated solution supports a full application lifecycle. A developer can immediately make new apps and versions available to an entire organization right from Worklight’s Eclipse-based interface by “right clicking” and publishing instantly using the existing information (metadata) from Worklight.

Worklight’s integrated development environment (IDE) does a great job of supporting businesses that are developing cross-platform mobile apps that act in a native fashion on the device. This correlates with Apperian’s philosophy as well, since we believe in the importance of the user experience, whatever the device. Great enterprise apps get used, accelerate user adoption, and provide an ROI.

Our goal is to help developers make it easier for organizations to quickly adopt applications by incorporating mobile application management capabilities from the start.

And, with Apperian features such as app remote control, single sign-on, integrated app update, server-side “app signing” and enhanced security policies, any app created in Worklight (or any other system) can have a consistent security posture, allow help desk support, and be deployed to everyone by a line of business manager or IT staff.

One of the questions that comes up is how Apperian’s solution compares with the Worklight Application Center or the Enterprise App Management component of IBM Endpoint Manager.

First, Apperian’s solution provides app management for all application types (native, web, hybrid, public store) and for all users within an organization, whether they employ device management or not. This becomes critical in larger organizations, where through acquisition or because of divisional or geographic differences there may be multiple device management schemes, or pure “BYOD” solutions.

Second, Worklight Application Center was designed for the development and test phase, with tight linkage between developer and tester during development. Apperian is suited to the next phase of the app lifecycle, where the app is “in the wild” within a company and app adoption becomes critical. The ability to create a highly interactive and branded “Enterprise App Store”, along with a high degree of scalability based on its cloud architecture, make the combination of Worklight and EASE unbeatable.

Finally, Apperian’s solution is designed to be turned on instantly by enterprises that are already engaged with Worklight either within their business, or by system integrators or development partners. Features such as the ability to publish into a “partner” or “customer” catalog, and then to have a workflow applied to the app along with full “enterprise app signing” makes large scale deployments a breeze.

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