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Wendy Hite, cognitive cooking pioneer

Wendy Hite, cognitive cooking pioneer

By Steve Hamm
Chief Storyteller, IBM

Wendy Hite is a bit of a food snob. She grew up in South West Louisiana, where food and family are all mixed up in the great gumbo of life, and, for the longest time, she couldn’t imagine how she could improve on traditional Cajun-style cooking.

Until she met Chef Watson, that is.

She used the cognitive cooking discovery program to develop a crawfish deviled egg dish that was mighty tasty–familiar, in some ways, but also new to her. “This has been fun,” she says. “It gets you to try new things and to be more creative than you normally would be.” Continue Reading »

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James Gardner, CTO, Mindjet

James Gardner, CTO, Mindjet

By James Gardner

If there’s one thing that developers like more than solving a problem it’s not having to encounter operational issues that stifle their creativity and output.

With startups, scale is the name of the game. But frankly, any company committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, whether large enterprise or nascent mobile app developer, should be thinking about scalability.

As CTO of late-stage startup Mindjet, my primary concern is delivering a consistently high level of innovation to our hundreds of large enterprise customers and 4 million+ users.

As our annual user growth climbed to over 30 percent, the team for Spigit – our crowdsourcing platform for innovation – has seen operation costs increase as well, creating scaling limitations for our existing cloud infrastructure. This expansion, though welcome on the user side, quickly started to slow down the pace of internal innovation, affecting our ability to effectively ramp up new users. Continue Reading »

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Randy McIntosh, Director, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest

Randy McIntosh,
Director, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest

By Randy McIntosh

In just over 15 years, Canadians living with dementia will increase by 87 per cent, and in the next two decades, the number of seniors is expected to double to over 10 million in the country alone. These staggering reports represent only two of many reasons research on brain health and aging is imperative. It’s time to face reality.

That’s where the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI) comes in. The $123.5-million initiative, backed by industry leaders, philanthropy and government, is a significant opportunity for Baycrest to apply its knowledge on brain health, aging and senior care, and get it out into the community where it can make a real difference. Continue Reading »

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Robert Griffin, General Manager, IBM Safer Planet

Robert Griffin, General Manager, IBM Safer Planet

By Robert Griffin

We live in a dangerous world. You know the threats as well as I do. But we don’t have to live in fear. I’m convinced that technology can help police, corporate security officers, national security agencies and emergency management officials do their jobs better–making people, companies, cities and countries safer.

Situational intelligence is the key to making the world less dangerous. The more we know, the better prepared we are when the worst happens–and the more likely we are to be able to prevent it. To know more, we need to be able to sift through all the evidence to understand what’s happening now, and why, and what’s likely to happen next. Continue Reading »

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June, 19th 2015

Lisa Seacat DeLuca, IBM Master Inventor for Mobile, reads her newly published childrens’ book, A Robot Story, to her twin sons.

Lisa Seacat DeLuca, Omni-Channel technical strategist for IBM Commerce, and IBM Master Inventor

By Lisa Seacat Deluca

We’re bombarded by deals every day. Get an extra 10 percent off (if you use a coupon). Get your tenth cup of coffee for free (if you use a rewards card). What if the “deal” was something you didn’t have to remember to bring with you, or something you didn’t even have to remember you previously received?

What if it was pushed to your mobile device based on a store you were nearby, or a particular section of the store you were shopping in? What if the “deal” was personalized for you based on your shopping habits? Continue Reading »

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June, 17th 2015

Ron Ambrosio, CTO, Smarter Energy Research, IBM

Ron Ambrosio, CTO, Smarter Energy Research, IBM

By Ron Ambrosio

You walk into a room at night and flip the light switch on the wall. The lights come on. You didn’t think twice about that …you were certain it would work. While we’re not at that point everywhere in the world yet, it is true of most industrialized regions that electricity is a highly reliable resource. But the reality behind that simple action of turning on a light switch is a constantly evolving list of uncertainties that utilities deal with 24/7.

Uncertainty takes many forms in the utility industry, from the health of individual devices as they age, to volatility of fuel prices, to the behavior of you, the consumer, and your use of electricity or natural gas. And uncertainty can be equated to risk — the risk of failing to achieve both operational and business objectives. That’s not a risk any business wants to take. Continue Reading »

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Bob Picciano, Sr.VP, IBM Analytics

Bob Picciano, Sr. VP, IBM Analytics

By Bob Picciano

Over the weekend, a room full of top developers competed in a hackathon in San Francisco–vying for bragging rights to coding on top of the Spark data-processing engine. The winners will be announced later, but, based on the results of an internal IBM hackathon a few weeks ago, I can give you the bottom line: these competitions show that Spark could shake up data analytics just like the Linux operating system blew the lid off the Internet a decade ago.

Today, large-scale data processing is available mainly to corporations, government agencies and universities. Spark, an open source software project under the Apache Software Foundation umbrella, has the potential to place these capabilities at the fingertips of all types of people and organizations all over the world. The goal: deeper and faster insights. Continue Reading »

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June, 12th 2015

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Owlet Baby Care's smart sock baby monitor.

Owlet Baby Care’s smart sock baby monitor.

By Jordan Monroe

I can still remember the first time tears blurred the view of my computer screen after receiving an email from a customer.

I had been working at Owlet for over a year at this point, and I had heard many tragic stories of parents losing a child due to suffocation or health conditions. However, this time was different. It was the first email I received after my son James was born. I struggled to even finish this message from a fellow parent.

SP newwaytostartup1Something very primal happens to your brain when you have a child. It’s like your heart is pulled apart and put back together again. You feel so much deeper than you even realized you were capable of. Now when I read emails or do presentations, getting all choked up is a common occurrence.  Continue Reading »

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Waynes World

(Image: Wayne Watrach, Visual Media, IBM)

By Suman Mukherjee and Forsyth Alexander

As the world waits anxiously for the fourth installment of the popular Jurassic Park movie series to be released Friday, we thought it would be fun to look into the social buzz for the upcoming summer blockbuster.

As fans, we were curious about things like, where the most Twitter chatter was happening, how tweets were breaking down by gender, overall sentiment, peak times for chatter, and more.

So we uploaded some Twitter data about Jurassic World into Watson Analytics, IBM’s natural-language cloud-based analytics service, and within minutes began unearthing pretty interesting insights, such as: the country with the most tweets so far is Chile; on the whole, women are tweeting more than men; and Portugal has the highest number of positive tweets, but also the most negative. Continue Reading »

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June, 8th 2015

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Erich Clementi, IBM Senior Vice President, Europe

Erich Clementi, Chairman, Senior Vice President, IBM Europe

By Erich Clementi

At IBM we take concerns about data privacy and security very seriously. We have a long leadership history in these areas and throughout our business and client relationships have always adhered to the highest relevant standards in data protection.

We enjoy a good working relationship with data protection authorities in Europe and elsewhere. We are, for example, working with various regulatory authorities around the world to enhance interoperability between legal systems to enable cross border data flows.

When it comes to transferring personal data from EU to non-EU member states, we have used EU Model Clauses with clients since their introduction more than 10 years ago. This was the way that the EU Commission wanted tech companies to handle personal data and that’s what IBM has done consistently. Continue Reading »

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