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Inspiration, motivation, ‘thinking outside the box’ – but, in addition to that, there’s some real work involved in being your own boss or getting others to view you as theirs.  Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular as the ‘mega-monster-corporations’ of yesteryear are changing and smaller, leaner entities are replacing them.  Technology has made it both easier and harder to get your ideas from the dream stage to a profitable entity.  How savvy a business person are you? Are you ready to take the leap?

Taking the leap

 Self-Evaluation is a challenge!

Then there’s also the always lurking money questions…

6 Top Finance Management Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

Hopefully these two articles will provide you some “ground rules” to take your dreams forward.

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Did you hear the one about the STEM Summer Intern?
She’s earning $7,000/month learning, sparking innovation, meeting new people in STEM and enjoying her summer. No Joke!

STEM Interns are earning upward of $7,000/month this summer in Silicon Valley and beyond.


Their youth, talent. knack for sparking new ideas and introducing new ways of thinking. While learning from the pros they are also contributing to the future. If building a smarter planet for future generations isn’t motivation enough to stick with STEM then perhaps the present and future earnings potential can encourage more students to pursue STEM careers.

The huge number of positions available to be filled today in STEM related areas far exceeds the number of those graduating with the skill sets to fill those positions so companies are enticing those available with sweet positions in hopes they will return upon graduation. Spread the word. Apply for an internship and see your future, our future – today.

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July, 9th 2014

Siberia.  The word evokes images of snow and ice and desolate, lonely tundra.  But many call it ‘home’ – and they are facing new weather patterns that may threaten more than just those who live there.  Whether you believe in global warming or adhere to the ‘it’s government propaganda’, ‘mythology’, ‘a hoax’ schools of thought, it is real enough for the human and animal residents of the far reaches of Russia.

Will the work you are doing today be of benefit or harm to the systems that rule the weather of our Earth?  Scroll thru all the pics and read the comments posted at the bottom of the story, too.  More food for thought…

Global warming is for all to consider


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July, 8th 2014

When you’re in college (and sometimes beyond that…), Tequila has pretty much one purpose.  Check out this company promotion by 3M’s research division to see how Agave has found new usages…  Source for Good


P.S. You may want to check out their job posts while you’re on their site.


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Time was that liquids were transported in personal containers – often animal-hide for the masses, engraved silver for the more well-to-do.   The drinking fountain was born of a necessity to combat contaminated water in larger urban areas.  First on the scene was London, where the Metropolitan Free Drinking Fountain Association was established in 1859. In the U.S., drinking fountains were built beginning in 1889 by the then-small Kohler Water Works (now Kohler Company) in Kohler, Wisconsin, a company already established as a faucet producer.  But, drinking fountains earned their own ‘germ stigma’ and had to be serviced to remain operational, so people began to look for alternatives.

The last few decades have seen an explosion of travel mugs, plastic water bottles, and other types of drink vessels being marketed – many created with a designer look or graphics to make them a “fashion accessory”.

Drumroll, please…time to get back to basics!  This new product aims to cut 25,000 tons of landfill waste a year.  And wouldn’t you know it?  The Brits have the lead again!   PLEASE GREEN YOUR CUP

First drinking fountain installed by the Metropolitan Free Drinking Fountain Association.

First drinking fountain installed by the Metropolitan Free Drinking Fountain Association.

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