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If you are a resident of the European Union (EU), here’s a chance for you to make money while finding out if candy is really dandy!  Take a look at the job posting (also linked in the article below from Time online).

Cambridge Is Looking for a PhD Student to Study Chocolate

However, you will be needing more than a love of chocolate to secure this experimental post.

Interested chocoholics will also need a good university degree, a background in engineering and physics as well as a record of scientific experimentation. Good maths and extensive experience of studying soft solids are also on the tick list for potential candidates. [from The Telegraph: Cambridge University seeks sweet­toothed student for chocolate PhD]


And from the Cambridge News: Cambridge University is looking for a sweet-toothed PhD student to work on a project aimed at inventing a heat-resistant chocolate bar.


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August, 21st 2014

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Southwest Airlines is partnering with a couple of production companies to upcycle the 80,000 airplane seats they are replacing with a lighter weight material. The decision to replace the seats was sparked by the airline’s plan to reduce fuel consumption.

Southwest partners with a Kenyan social enterprise, Alive and Kicking, to upcycle some of the old airplane seats that would typically end up in a waste stream.

Southwest Airlines

Partnering with upcycler Looptworks in Portland, Oregon, the airline will turn a portion of its leather seats into tote bags, duffle bags and backpacks that the airline will buy back to use as gifts at events.

It’s really quite a simple idea, but has a big impact on our planet.

Check out the details of Southwest Airlines’ upcycling plans

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There’s a $1,600 bounty from @IBM and #s4asp on @GNUtools’s #GCC to implement split-stack support for PowerPC Linux:

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As more and more emphasis is placed on finding alternative means of energy, here’s an interesting story on Geothermal out of American Samoa.

“The American Samoa Power Authority has teamed up with Quantec Geoscience to look for a source of geothermal energy beneath certain parts of Tutuila, as confirmed by ASPA CEO Utu Abe Malae in response to Samoa News queries. The hope is that this form of renewable energy will be able to replace diesel fired power plants in the territory   …this project is designed to cost effectively map the deep layers of rock and water beneath certain parts of Tutuila without the expense and impacts of drilling.”

Mapping of Tutuila being done with an eye toward geothermal energy

Click on the map to earn more about this beautiful region.

Click on the map to learn more about this beautiful region.

Take a look at this accompanying piece on the technology from Leapfrog on 3D Geothermal Modeling

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