Students for a Smarter Planet ..leaders with conscience

Students for a Smarter Planet ..leaders with conscience



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do students do here?


What are IBM’s goals?


What does Students for a Smarter Planet propose we do with our existing clubs on campus?

Keep them for sure. Tell other clubs about Students for a Smarter Planet (“Students” is our short name); ask them if they would like to align themselves to Students for a Smarter Planet. All an existing club needs to do is to identify themselves as aligned with the goals of Students. The club should join the global group in order to have access to the mentoring network, events and activities and resources about building a smarter planet.

IBM is the corporate sponsor of this worldwide student initiative. The idea grew from a Smarter Planet University Jam held in 2009. IBM donates employee labor to help the students organize, and through its established programs shares materials, courseware, software and tools. Materials about Smarter Planet goals, initiatives and technology are shared with anyone at the corporate web pages

ALSO: See IBM’s Academic Initiative for faculty.

What about other industry / corporate involvement?

IBM is the sole corporate sponsor for Students. Professionals from any company are welcome to join to contribute with mentoring and networking.

What clubs does Students for a Smarter Planet Global want to affiliate with on campus?

We want to align with any club  team which wishes to participate in building a smarter planet. We know that collaboration across disciplines is both key to innovation and our success as future professionals.

What can Students for a Smarter Planet do to help a typical college student?

Any student can learn about the world and themselves by participating in Students activities. The opportunity to connect with professionals from around the world joined by a common goal is a unique experience that should help prepare said student for life after college. Locally, student groups may form at will, and the global group will provide resources and general guidance, and as we grow, access to industry professionals for mentoring and collaboration.

What might be the role of a professor in this “Students” initiative?

We would like faculty to be advisors to the student groups that form, just like they might act for an existing group. For example: if your school has an engineering club, or a fraternity, or any other kind of on campus club.  The professor would help guide the students in planning activities that support the goals of the global organization while making sure that they also act within any school rules or guidelines. The professor might also access the IBM academic initiative to help students access materials, software or courses online.

What is the link between “Students” and the IBM Academic Initiative?

The IBM Academic Initiative supports this initiative, as it aligns with their goals of making materials available to the public.; Academic Initiative assists in our communications to professors who have agreed to receive emails from IBM.

Can faculty align course work and objectives with smarter planet ideas?

Yes. We are hoping to help create ideas, and provide a means for you and your students to share your ideas with others. We particularly encourage the creation of projects that support curriculum goals. Contact Wendy:

How many universities are involved at the moment?

We have over 300 institutions whose students have signed up as they find our site.

How do I get a job at IBM?

These pages have a collection of items about jobs at IBM.

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