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October 27th, 2011

Oxfam International – another potential partner

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October 22nd, 2011

Modeled after the United Nations Millennium Development Goals “MDGs”
Students for a Smarter Planet seeks to engage as many students as possible from across the disciplinary spectrum. In this attempt we have created a program called MDGs which is focused on targeting students who are involved in artistic programs of study at Universities. Traditionally professional development student organizations are geared towards liberal arts, business, engineering and trade based professions. We want to make sure every student has the possibility for professional development, no matter their interests. We also want to ensure our message of sustainable development to build a smarter planet reaches those students as well. Continue Reading »

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October 20th, 2011

Collaboration There are many other student organizations around the world that cater to the professional development community of a specific niche or interest set, unlike Students for a Smarter Planet which is multi-disciplinary. Sometimes you will have an opportunity to bring a new experience to your college community through another non-profit organization. Our chapters can partner with other like-minded groups to co-sponsor events and activities. For example: Pace University in New York has collaborated with the Environmental Law Society, Green Club and the Repower America’s new student arm. This allowed our ‘Students’ chapter to attract more student interest from as many different niches as possible. Those other groups still exist in an official capacity on campus, and they all share official membership with one another, allowing for a greater chance of success with events and projects on campus.

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October 19th, 2011

Teen Connect is the process of university students mentoring high school students to become members of students for a smarter planet when they get into college. We want to ensure that the generation after ours is equipped with the proper tools to imagine the next steps necessary to make our planet a smarter, healthier and happier place. The Teen Connect program allows high school students an opportunity to become directly involved in the Students for a Smarter Planet opportunity without having to manage their own operations.
If your club chooses to do this, the first step is to identify a local school with interested students and present your proposal to the principal. Once you have approval, make a presentation along with those students to the school faculty so they are aware of your presence and can assist in getting students connected. It might be advantageous to work with other university chapters in order to attract as many interested students as possible. (I.E. The Green Club, Political Club and Philosophy Club are all individual clubs but might work with you under the Students for a Smarter Planet umbrella.) College students will act be the liaison between the professional community and the teens. It will be your chapter’s responsibility to help get them project mentors and presenters for events.

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October 17th, 2011

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Nissan says they can do it.

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