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The iFoundry initiative (or Illinois Foundry for Innovation in Engineering Education) at the University of Illinois started in 2007 and continues to work to help make engineering education a more engaging and meaningful experience.  A colleague recently asked me to tell the iFoundry story, and I wrote the follow account with links to papers and videos to help capture the larger narrative in a short email:

The precursor to iFoundry was a blogpost in 2006 here, which led to 2007-2010 workshops on philosophy and engineering (2007 proceedings here; abstracts booklet here; 2008 here; 2010 here), and to something called Engineering and Technology Studies at Illinois (whitepaper below).  ETSI led to the Engineer of the Future Meeting in 2007 which led to the formation of iFoundry (whitepaper here), also in 2007 and to the EotF 2009 (here) and 2010 (here) and another one in 2013 (planning in progress now). iFoundry became a formal College of Engineering activity in Fall 2008 at the same time the Olin-Illinois Partnership was signed (here).  Many of these things are further documented on the iFoundry website (here). Following the launch of iFoundry in 2007 we published a number of papers. In 2008, iFoundry: Engineering Curriculum Reform without Tears (here) and Preparing for Substantial Change: The iFoundry Initiative and Collective Learning (here).  With the launch of the iFoundry freshmen experience (now Illinois Engineering Freshmen Experience here) we launched the iCommunity (handbook here) and wrote about that experience in 2010 (here).  Along the way I wrote a paper on the Missing Basics of Engineering (here). iFoundry has a YouTube channel and some of our early videos are in the collection here.  A more recent TEDxUIUC video on the missing basics (7 minutes) is here.  An interview at Case Western is here.  And a 2.5 minute video on the Olin-Illinois Partnership produced by Olin is here.  My presentation on the Creativity Imperative and the Technology Professional of the Future at Politecnico Milano earlier this year (71 minutes) is here.
Although the narrative is Illinois specific, a following of the trail of links should yield useful nuggets for effective change for those willing to click, watch, and read.

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December 14, 2011
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[...] ThreeJoy president, Dave Goldberg, writes a paragraph on the activities leading to and thru the Illinois Foundry for Innovation Education over at Students for a Smarter Planet (here). [...]

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