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What are the U-cities?
The term U-city stands for Ubiquitous-city. Let’s start with, what is ubiquitous?
Ubiquitous means something that is omnipresence, so, it is everywhere all the time.

But, how can a city be Ubiquitous? It would need the help of information technology systems and sensors all over the place (inside and outside the houses). According to the popular web encyclopedia: Wikipedia, “All information systems are linked, and virtually everything is linked to an information system through technologies such as wireless networking and RFID tags.”

In order to create a complete U-city, we will probably need to create new sensors for water management, traffic and even health care.

What about sensors that detect a heart attack; automatically call an ambulance and unlock your house front door just when the emergency people get there?

I imagine a traffic system that automatically adjusts the traffic light timers according to the current traffic conditions or change the traffic flow by “blocking” some routes with the traffic lights or some signals just after an accident has occurred.

I bet geotagging and augmented reality with currently available smartphones will help thinking about more projects and ideas!

But, who will build the new systems, sensors and devices? Who will link all those systems and exploit their information? What about a Students For A Smarter Planet chapter and IBM working together with that common goal? You can start thinking and even developing some projects that will be needed for the U-cities.

In order to get more ideas, you can read more information about U-cities in the following links:

Or just search for “Ubiquitous-city” in your preferred web search engine to get more ideas!

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December 20, 2011
4:51 pm

I haven’t seen it yet.

But, now that you mention it, good science-fiction movies or books are usually great references to get more innovative ideas too!

Posted by: Edgar Polanco Gomez
December 20, 2011
3:37 pm

Have you seen Ghost in the Shell? I think it’s a good example about the advantages and disadvantages of U-Cities.

Posted by: Vicente Esteban B
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