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This is super exciting.

“IBM Smarter City Challenge”,  launched in 2011, 100-city US$50 million program, IBM’s single-largest philanthropic initiative, funds in-person engagements staffed by teams of top IBM experts, who study and then make detailed recommendations addressing locally important urban issues.

Pune is like any other growing metro city. Pune is a multi facet city. It is known as Harvard Of East for the academic institutes and activities it host. It is one of the core IT hubs of India.  People of Pune nourish and celebrate the rich culture they inherit.  However Pune has its own share of problems as well.  The less we speak of them in this forum the better.

Now that Pune has been selected in the IBM Smarter City Challenge – I hope we see some positive change at least in 1 area that matters to people of Pune.

The day that happens, I will not remain IBMer but become a Proud IBMer :)

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April 18, 2012
4:25 am

Happy to hear that!

Posted by: Shubham Anand
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