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A group of engineering students lead by professor MSc Pedro Santana and the student Hector Quintero from Universidad de Colima (Mexico) have proposed to improve the Education of this century with Smart Classrooms.

The Students For A Smarter Planet (SFSP) chapter was formed by students from different schools and careers (Software engineering, Telematics engineering and Pedagogy). The multidisciplinary group will work during the whole school year (July 2012 to June 2013) in order to deliver the products from their project called: “Smart classroom through ambient intelligence and natural interactions“.

Using smartphones and other commercial sensors, they plan to involve the students and professors in an Augmented Reality (AR) and Ambient Intelligence (Aml) environment – smarter books and smart classroom. Thus, improving the academic performance of the students (from Elementary schools to Universities).

IBM will be supporting the project with mentoring (IBM buddies), access to IBM tools for developing and tracking of the project and training for those tools if needed.  In addition, the hardware needed to complete their work will be bought using a mini-award from our SFSP initiative.

We welcome the UColima (Universidad de Colima) SFSP chapter to share with us more details about the project along with their progress and results in our blog.

Keep it up guys!

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June 28th, 2012

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Skills in high demand are:

•Risk Management Consultants
•Security Architecture
•Incident Management & Response
•Forensic Analysis
•Network monitoring/NOC or SOC support
•Malware Analysis
•Server Security Administration
•Security Project / Account Management

The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is the most desired certification.

Here’s a site with free courses, books and software:

This site requires you to have a free IBM userid, your professors can get the courses, etc for you.

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Mark Somerville and I call for a Whole New Engineer and a Whole New Engineering Education in our latest Huffington Post article:

Step 2: Recognize ways the world has changed. Since World War II there have been three missed revolutions that have changed the world in ways that call for a significantly different kind of engineer: the quality revolution, the entrepreneurial revolution, and the information technology revolution have change the way we make things, the way we make institutions, and the way we make connections. These revolutions were “missed” in the sense that they were embraced by organizations that face competition in the marketplace and largely missed by those that don’t, including universities. Friedman, Florida, and Pink highlight these changes in their sayings that “the world is flat,” that “we live in a creative era with a rising “creative class,” and that we need a “whole new (creative) mind.” As a result, the engineer of the cold war, a category enhancer, is being replaced by the engineer of the 21st century, a category creator. Unfortunately, engineering schools are continuing to turn out engineers appropriate to earlier times.

Read the full article here.  Read the Big Beacon Manifesto ( and its 31 points leading to a whole new engineer, a whole new engineer, and an education change process (rewire) that will get us there.

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June 26th, 2012

From Mashable:

IBM’s got the lead in social media solutions.  Bet you didn’t know that!

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Through you can access free curricula – explore your interests – perhaps outside of the the degree major you are going for.  You could broaden your expertise and become more valuable to prospective employers.

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