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Department of Future Studies at University of Kerala will now impart a course on the IBM Cognos Express Solution in their one year – Post Graduate Diploma in Knowledge Management (PGDKM) course.

The course will focus on IBM Cognos Express, which will help the students to understand the integrated business intelligence and planning solution for mid-size companies.

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IBM Watson

Having always been interested in artificial intelligence (AI), I vividly remember ex IBM CEO Sam Palmisano’s mission for the IBM researchers: Build a smart computer system that can understand natural language, interpret, learn and answer to questions asked in any format. And test the success of this system by making it compete against biggest champions of Jeopardy.

The system is now built. Watching IBM Watson beat the human competitors on Jeopardy was a thrill and I remember thinking to my self: Can a computer finally pass the Turing test? We might be quite close. Analytics have come a long way since the enigma-cracking days of Alan Turing. Combining smart analytics with the exploding computing power and new technologies such as massively parallel processing, big data analytics, unstructured data processing have brought us the smart and learning machine IBM Watson.

Interesting article on about IBM Watson.

IBM Watson on Wikipedia.

IBM Watson Competing Against Ken Jennings:
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"Public Transportation Real Time Tracking System"

The issue of urban mobility has become a crucial point in the development
strategy of the different urban centers, It would be enough to point
out at the uncertainty around the schedules and routes used by the public transportation
system in some cities, which along with insufficient information available on the different services offered by the buses affects not only regular users, but also impacts tourists and people requiring specialized access like disabled people.

As a response to these needs we have been working on the development of
a management system which allows real time tracking of the available
buses in the city transportation system.
Some features include providing the buses estimated time of arrival to
the bus stop in which the user will use the service, as well as
allowing users to request the estimated time to get from one bus stop to another, helping them plan their trips ahead of time.

Our goal is to give the user the power to make informed and timely
decisions on their daily planned activities with the possibility to adapt their plans according
to the current state of the transportation system.
This can help users optimize commuting time so they can use as much
time as possible on their own personal activities instead of allowing
it to fade away due to the lack of proper information to make time
saving decisions.

SIMOVU has integrated a multidisciplinary team which works hard
developing this system, we are aware on the positive impact this kind
of system can have which is what keeps us motivated to do our best to
provide a tool that exceeds our own expectations.

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Hooray for Juan Pablo Costa Ponce and his team for taking on the challenge to improve bus services in Guadalajara by creating applications to help people manage their time, and get details about the services provided.  Should save time and money for riders!

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