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Don’t you just hate doing the grocery all by yourself? How about travelling 2 hrs just to pick up a second-hand wardrobe you bought off Craigslist? Or maybe finding yourself having trouble assembling Ikea furniture that is comparable to the most challenging astrophysics challenges that has left even the world’s most talented scientists and researchers dumbfounded? Well do not fret, ’cause TaskRabbit is here!

So what is this TaskRabbit you ask? This is essentially a community of people in your neighborhood who are willing to give up some of their time to help busy people like yourselves with daily mundane chores and errands…at a price of course. The fee that you pay to these TaskRabbits will depend on the nature of the task and the ‘expertise’ of the person doing the dirty job for you. So on average, asking someone to deliver your favorite cereals and veggies from the local supermarket would cost you around $35 while getting some chap to assemble the Ikea wardrobe that you could never figure out would cost about $42, which apparently is one of the most lucrative and popular tasks available at TaskRabbit. Oh yes, and on the other side, TaskRabbits will need to bid for the job when someone requests for their services. You can generally think of this as the ebay for real-world labor.

Gamification is also employed in TaskRabbit. So whenever you complete a task, you will be given points to level up. And if you get to a level high enough, you will become more visible on a leaderboard where your average reviews can be seen by everybody. For those of you who are still looking for a job be it a soon-to-graduate MBA or a retiree trying to stay afloat with a regretful pension fund, TaskRabbit could really be the one for you! Now don’t you look down on TaskRabbit lest you be struck down by the wrath of its loyal denizens; some people are actually earning a healthy income of $5000 in a month…probably up to $10,000 I guess for those TaskRabbit ninjas.

TaskRabbit is also available as an iPhone app, just check out this video!

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I have a feeling that research on cloning machines will come to a stop pretty abruptly.


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