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Here are the results of the 2013 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest finals in Saint Petersburg (Russia). This world programming championship is oldest, biggest and most recognized competition among student teams. IBM has sponsored this competition since 1997.

120 teams competed in the World Finals. Initially, selection took place from a field of more than 300,000 students in computing disciplines worldwide. A record number of students advanced to the regional level, as 29,479 contestants from 2,322 universities in 91 countries on 6 continents competed at more than 300 sites, all with the goal of earning one of the coveted 120 invitations to St. Petersburg.

The contest exposed students to key emerging trends and capabilities, such as applying analytics technology to Big Data – a major economic growth engine and career opportunity worldwide.

In a test of teamwork, speed and skill, the contest challenged students to solve the most number of computer programming problems in the least amount of time. Demonstrating their elite problem solving and programming skills, St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics successfully solved ten problems in five hours. The World Champions have won “The World’s Smartest Trophy,” as well as awards and offers of employment or internships with IBM.

The regional champions are Carnegie Mellon University (North America Region); ITMO (Europe Region); Arab Academy for Science and Technology (Alexandria) (Africa and the Middle East Region); Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica (Latin America Region); Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Asia Region); and University of New South Wales (South Pacific Region).

This year’s top twelve teams that received medals are:

  • St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) (GOLD, WORLD CHAMPION)
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University (GOLD, 2nd Place)
  • The University of Tokyo (GOLD, 3rd Place)
  • National Taiwan University (GOLD, 4th Place)
  • St. Petersburg State University (SILVER, 5th Place)
  • University of Warsaw (SILVER, 6th Place)
  • Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University (SILVER, 7th Place)
  • Belarusian State University (SILVER, 8th Place)
  • Jagiellonian University in Krakow (BRONZE, 9th Place)
  • Moscow State University (BRONZE, 10th Place)
  • Carnegie Mellon Univeristy (BRONZE, 11th Place)
  • Tsinghua University (BRONZE, 12th Place)
  • Perm State University (BRONZE, 13th Place)

About the ACM ICPC

Headquartered at Baylor University (, the ACM ICPC is a global competition among the world’s university students, nurturing new generations of talent in the science and art of information technology.

Next year the final will take place again in Russia in Ekaterinburg.

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