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•US & Canada Master the Mainframe Contest launches on Oct 7
–Hands-on contest for high school, college and university students
–No experience necessary
–Remote logon from dorms, apartments, labs
Registration open now!
•Increasing difficulty, increasing prize levels
–Part 1: 1-2 hours to complete, win a T-shirt
–Part 2: 10-20 hours to complete, win $100 in IBM gear
–Part 3: Weeks to months to complete, win a tablet and an expenses-paid trip
•Student Mainframe Contests run in 33 countries since 2005

WW Student Mainframe Contests:

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You can use the interactive tool on this page and see if you’re on the right track in building your skills.  Are you interested in mobile?  Social? Cloud? Analytics?  Choose one and discover what industry is ahead or behind in adoption.  Then look at which industries are investing and finally where they assess themselves in terms of having the required skills.  Your sweet spot might be to find an industry you want to work in, which is investing in one of the big four, and needs skills you can be building today.

Examples -for MOBILE -  in media & entertainment, there is about a 50% adoption rate, they are increasing their investments, and they indicate that they do have moderate to major skills gaps!  In social – same industry – they think they are at the adoption stage for the most part; are maintaining spend, and have indicated major gaps in skills.  Very similar results come up for Cloud.  For Analytics, they show a lot of adoption, decreasing spend, ye a fairly big skills gap.  Wonder what that’s all about?

Discuss your findings here in comments…

#IBMCAI, #IBMTechTrends

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September 23rd, 2013

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We are a senior design group for North Carolina State University. We are working to us information for the breaker on people’s houses to give a resident more information about the energy they are using.

Meet Our Group:

Cameron Dunton is from Plymouth, NC. He is an electrical and computer engineering student interested in the fields of embedded systems and software development. A fun fact about him is this summer, I traveled 1100 miles to Iowa in a single day with strep throat.
Quadri Oguntade is from Nigeria. He is an electrical engineering student with a focus in Renewable energy and Power (Power System and Power electronics). A fun fact about him is he likes to play soccer when he is not tied up doing homework.
Zach Watkins is from Wake Forest North Carolina. He is an electrical engineering student focusing in power generation and distribution because he wants to utilize my knowledge of Electrical Engineering to minimize losses and encourage smart energy consumption. In his free time he likes to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, and kayaking.
Carolyn Baxter is from Durham, NC. She is an electrical engineering student focusing in power systems and renewable energy. A fun fact about her is they she has flown a plane.
Rusul Atlaay is from Baghdad, Iraq. She is an electrical engineering student with a concentration in renewable electrical energy systems. A fun fact about Rusul is that she has a Wii and loves playing Super Mario Brothers.

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I taught many of you, work force of future, might found this article informative.   It is mostly about India but those living in other countries might find some of assertions and points relevant.  Feel free to share your comments.

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September 18th, 2013

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By Torbjorn Pedersen

“Between the 1st and 3rd of July, 75 students from all over Europe and the Middle East attended this year’s Best Student Recognition Event (BSRE) at IBM Montpellier, in France. I was one of two students going from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and one of four students going from Norway. The event consisted of three days packed with presentations, tours, food, and fun.”

Torbjorn Pedersen wrote an article on his experience with the BSRE 2013 and won the challenge “Best Article of BSRE”. You can read it with the following link.

IBM BSRE Article by Torbjørn Pedersen

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