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The class is broken into teams and we’re supporting three projects!  Look for the students to blog about them here this fall.

(1) Automatic Parking Lot Monitoring System:  We will design a system that will detect the presence of a vehicle in a parking spot, determine the validity of its parking pass and report invalid parking information (location, spot number, and an image of the violating vehicle) wirelessly to a command and control interface which will be displayed to the operator.

(2)Smart Residential Breaker:  We will design a smart residential breaker to minimizes cold load pick up to turn all loads off when the utility loses power and sequentially switch the loads upon power Restoration in a smart way.

(3) Smart Irrigation System: We will provide a proof of concept solution which improves upon existing residential irrigation systems by both maximizing effective irrigation and minimizing unnecessary water consumption through the use of feedback measuring water content within soil.

Students for a Smarter Planet (S4ASP) is thrilled to work again with NCSU.  We know our award is put to good use, and hope that besides equipment or supplies some of it goes toward team building (AKA pizza and beer).

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