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Hello and welcome to the second blog post of @ctive Life. By now, we are almost ready with a part on the prototype of the topic about Social Engagement of Senior Citizens using Social Media through Smart TV.

Until now we have done a research about existing similar projects, problems found, approaches and technologies used. For this purpose a Literature Survey was performed which resulted on a State of the Art. The first stage was based on the use of Literature. One of the objectives is to study and summarize existing research on senior citizens social engagement field, to what extent existing claims have reached and benefits from their usage. To find out these things, we have performed a systematic literature review (SLR) on the field of engaging senior citizens through social media. This approach will help us to well-define and identify existing solutions and ideas, evaluate them and in the end formulate the problem domain.

As a result we had a table of requirements which helped us on developing a prototype. It consists of 4 parts:

News - This module is designed in a way that is not visually complicated for the users and has just the right information and sections needed.

Video conferencing - The module is built such that when the user uses the TV device and wants to make a video call, when he clicks on the icon, the module then redirects the user to the hangout application and this way the call is processed.

Video section about hunting, exercises, gardening and cooking tips- videos are selected from different categories that elderly people might find interesting. This idea of presenting videos in selected categories helps elderly users enjoy different types of videos without complicated way of using it.

Books - gives users the ability to access the library of millions of books from Google Servers. The layout is designed as a bookshelf and has the ability to search books by the name, author or something else related to the book. The selected book can be read on full page directly from Google servers to the users screen.

Below is the figure of the Solution architecture.

solution architecture

We were focused also on the design aspect of the solution. Thus, the interface of this application is adapted to senior citizens’ needs and requirements. It is designed for TV; nevertheless the architecture that we have developed is compatible also for PC and tablets. We were focused on text size, text style, color and contrast, audio and video etc.

The application is based on HTML, HTML5, JavaScript and XML languages and  runs on a Web server.

In the end we did a usability test about the user interface satisfaction, measurements done using the USE questionnaires. USE stands for Usefulness, Satisfaction, and Ease of use. Based on the feedback we have made changes on the prototype.

We will update the blog and keep you posted with the latest updates again the next time.

Best regards,

Elona Dika


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