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October, 8th 2013

Have you ever had difficulty finding a parking space in a crowded city? Have you ever noticed how much effort organizations put into monitoring parking areas to enforce parking passes? Hi, we are a senior design group from North Carolina State University and we are designing a system to automatically monitor parking decks for unauthorized vehicles.

The goal of our system is to be able to verify a parking pass on a vehicle in a parking deck on a per-spot basis. This system will detect the presence of a vehicle in a parking space, scan its parking pass, and send the parking pass data to a central server to verify the car’s parking pass.

This system has a few advantages over a traditional parking pass scanner at the entrance to a parking deck:

  • The ability to allocate spots within a deck to different parking passes such as handicapped spaces or spaces designated for individuals
  • No lines form at the entrance of a parking deck
  • Central server has a live view of where vehicles are parked in a deck, in the future allowing this system to direct drivers to open spots

We are approaching this project as a method to automatically validate parking passes in a parking deck, but the data this system will collect will open up the possibility of using parking information to direct drivers to open parking spaces. How great would it be if someday your smart phone navigation software could direct you to the best available parking space at a shopping mall?

Group Member Primary Strengths
David Fleissner Embedded system design
Michael Gagliardo Software development
Ben Fussell Electronics design
Ethan Haithcox Power systems design


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