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November, 19th 2013


We are the University of Connecticut team of students working with Students for a Smarter Planet. Our project will be based around a campaign to raise public awareness and involvement with the water infrastructure in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We will be utilizing the Intelligent Operations for Water platform to develop a mobile application that will make learning and managing the water infrastructure both fun and rewarding.

But how could water infrastructure be interesting you may ask?  Simple.  Put it in a game!  Users will interact in a gamified, informative system that will help the city’s water utilities to maintain their infrastructure.  Through the use of this app and social media, we aim to get the public thinking about how their city manages and maintains its water.

Meet the Team…

Andrew Boba – Senior, Computer Science and Engineering major.  A lover of snowboarding, the Brooklyn Nets, take-out Chinese, and of course, sewage.

Ian Brunjes  - Senior, Computer Science major. Enjoys puns far too much.  A devout gamer, likes to go outside occasionally, especially when it rains.

Julie Cappello – Senior, Computer Science and Engineering major.  Loves cooking, sushi, warm weather, and sleeping (especially on water beds).

Zhuoqing Xu- Senior, Computer Science major.  Embracing the nigh impossible task to build a healthy body while being a software engineer.  A big fan of Arsenal FC and frivolously jumping around in puddles.

Follow us and enjoy all our missteps, triumphs, and confusion of IBM acronyms.  We are about to take a plunge into Smarter Water and are excited to see where this ends up.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!

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