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This summer, Design Lab members, Keith Kaplan, Gerard Liongo, Joan Renner, Marisela Riveros and William Grady of Brand Experience, partnered with IBM University Programs to conduct the first ever IBM sponsored event during “College Week” in the NYC area.

The event held on September 5th, titled “IBM Night Out,” was a huge success.  The Facebook event’s page quickly reached over 2,000 RSVPs, and students lined up around the block just two hours before the doors opened.

Interactive installations of Watson, the THINK exhibit app, and a digital graffiti wall provided by Incredible Machines, gave students an opportunity to experience IBM’s technology and history.  During the event, students networked with IBMers, learned more about our company Students for a Smarter Planet, People for Smarter Cities, and the World Community Grid.

That night, the Digital Content Strategy team gave away the opportunity to four lucky students, to spend one full day at the Marketing and Communications Lab.  Hosted by Joan and Marisela, these students learned about our work, culture and mission at the Lab.  As IBMers, our day was fulfilled when we learned that we inspired these students to explore the power of code! And, taught them that design principles applied to marketing can lead to innovation and forward thinking.  Marisela documented the day and the students’ reaction at the end of the day in a 2 minute video, showing how the brand perception about IBM of these four college students changed after attending IBM Night Out and immersing themselves one day at IBM.

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