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WSJ:  Focusing too narrowly in college could backfire

Specialization vs generalization discussions swing left or right every few years.  We’ve seen all the arguments for both sides time after time.  What’s valued in industry now won’t be shortly.   Here’s what I know: cycles always rise and fall and the needs swing back and forth.  Whatever you do, be prepared to generalize.  Pick up a hot skill and use it now.  Contradictory?  Not really.  Get as much broad exposure as you can while lining up some real skills to get a job.  Don’t count on getting training from industries who live quarter to quarter these days (as suggested by the author).  As soon as you can and as often as you can, you should participate in complex projects that support building your skills while working with others in different disciplines.  Like Students for a Smarter Planet projects for example; see the category on this page about student projects.

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