Students for a Smarter Planet ..leaders with conscience

We’re happy to connect with students in Africa and have found some enterprising young people – congratulations!

Smart Farming

This project intends to provide farmers with the power of mobile analytics of the environmental conditions on their farms, thus, empowering them to make intelligent decisions that lead to increase in farm output and better value for their crops. They also have the opportunity to market their products through an e-commerce system that leverages a database for farmers within the smart farm ecosystem.

Smart Mobile Power Monitor

The smart mobile power monitor intends to develop an end to end solution comprising an android based application that interfaces with an intelligent electrical power consumption monitor over an ad-hoc wireless network. The monitor manages all power outlets, isolates unusual power consumption and performs real time switching of electrical appliances. The monitor has the capability of intelligently determining which devices require power based on evaluation of ambient conditions. Users can also switch power states based on preferences and expected lack of utilization. This monitor is designed to optimize power consumption, reduce power cost and even out power distribution.

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1 Comment
January 15, 2014
2:41 pm

Its time to get African students on board the smarter planet campaign and we at Bellstech are glad to be a part of it!
Its time to fight the food insecurity scourge in sub – saharan Africa…yeah! Intelligent power monitoring and control is also key to solving the African power challenge too!
We want to say a big thank you to the Smarter Planet team at IBM.
And… before I forget that..thanks Wendy for making this happen.

Posted by: Tolulope Adesina
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