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January 30th, 2014

Our FIRST Tech Challenge team and robot earned a ticket to the Minnesota state FTC tournament at Saturday’s regional competition! We regregional picture

We regret not posting on this blog until now. If anyone is interested, we kept a pre-tournament blog on our teams website at

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January 29th, 2014

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Here’s an idea to get people to go green.

You can see more at this link on YouTube.

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January 28th, 2014

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Hi this is Team Tocotronics first post.  Last semester was filled with a lot of research and proposed ideas regarding how our team was going to create an Android based tocodynamometer and fetal heart rate monitor.

A tocodynamometer is a device used to monitor a woman’s contractions as she is going into labor.  Typically this is a bulky, expensive, restrictive device whose use is limited to certain hospitals.  It is our goal to create a device that can be more widespread, more inexpensive, and is less restrictive to women.  A fetal heart rate monitor is used in conjunction with a tocodynamometer to evaluate the well-being of the fetus as the woman is going into labor.

Our group has been hard at work this semester working on our initial prototype.  We have spent a lot of time in the lab recreating an experiment measuring muscle contractions so that the team could work on our signal processing skills, ultimately needed to filter the signal received from measuring contractions and heart rate.  This week, the team is working hard on completing our first prototype of our design which will most likely be a “looks-like” prototype.  This prototype may look like our final design but will not have all the functionality our final prototype should have.

I am looking forward to posting an update with screenshots from the unveiling of our first prototype next week.

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January 28th, 2014

           Hello, this is the first blog post from TeamSmartFarm. The past couple of months have been filled with plans, ideas and deliberations. This is probably because in a project such as this, there is no single correct answer; it is the most efficient, appropriate and easy to reproduce solution that wins. Keeping it simple is key.

            The smart farming for rural environments project is a project that focuses on automating the regulation of parameters within the African environment which affect crop growth, improving crop productivity and integrating a sound e-commerce and cloud computing system into rural farming. There are five team members, all students of Bells University of Technology, who have been doing as much as is possible to ensure that the implementation of this project goes well and is completed even before schedule.

            So far, we have come up with a plan that systematically examines all aspects of crop life that we want to regulate and looks at the best possible approach to solving each problem. In the past three weeks extensive work has been done on pest control, the design of efficient irrigation architecture and producing a working framework for sensor nodes. Of course, special attention is being placed on integrating our sensor nodes into the irrigation architecture and killing as many birds with one stone as possible.

            We are still working hard on highlighting a concrete plan on how the cloud computing and e-commerce interactive aspect is to proceed. We have gotten a lot done in three weeks and we believe that in the coming weeks, we’ll have even more to report. We expect more progress from the aspects of farm survey, the ordering of materials and cloud computing. The budget is pretty open for now but we’re keeping everything as affordable as possible by using recycled and local materials.

            Expect updates of even more progress in the near future as we learn, work and make earth a smarter planet.


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Finals coming up on February 6, 2014  –  Go to the web page to vote for your choices for best.


From Latin America, Geekie is the top startup company from the regional finals in Mexico City.

Reengen, Temando and TMC represent Eastern Europe, Australia and southest Asia, respectively.

Shopa brings the best of Europe, while Nova Lumos is the pride of Israel.

The champions of North America are Onfarm and Coriell Life Sciences.

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