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February, 17th 2014

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An update from UConn’s Senior Design Team-

Using the Integrated Operations for Water (IOW) technology has proved somewhat difficult throughout our project, but we are now able, after many unsuccessful attempts, to reach the vast amount of information that it holds from within our development environment.

Establishing deadlines (and following through on them, of course), as well as constructing an overlying data architecture for our project are the next big tasks. We need to lay out what type of data will be used throughout our application, how it will be represented, and where it will be needed, and stored.

Some of the nearer deadlines include geocoding the information output by users so that, using the data from the IOW, we can verify the location and asset from which a user is trying to report. This process will also involve GPS translation, since we are developing this application for Rotterdam, but are working out of Connecticut!

We are excited to be moving forward, after what felt like a long time stuck in the pipeline clog of the uncooperative IOW!

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