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March, 24th 2014

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With a slight lull in the coding and application development, we have just begun a complete stop-till-done phase in developing code for the integration framework. We expect to soon complete the first fully functional demonstartion of the SQL-Framework for Business Artifacts using BASQL queries in 2 months time.

The brief lull, was due to our preparation in submitting to a prestigious conference a research paper on this work. Results of acceptance/rejection are due in May – fingers crossed!

Anyway here are technical milestones we achieved as we are several weeks into the app-development process:

1) Creation of Artifacts with specifying Tasks, States and Data Attributes from Command line has been completed. See snapshot below:




2) Editing Artifact Attributes via BASQL Syntax. See snapshot below:



3) Viewing Artifact Content from the Command Prompt. See below:



With the brisk pace, we believe we are right on course to completing the project on time as originally envisaged. Stay tuned – the project only begins to become exciting from now on!

See you soon,

Raymond and Team

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