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Our Project is designed and created for basically mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets. In addition to this, we must use/connect database frequently in mobile application for working the system properly. There are some classic ways providing database service, but cost of realizing a server is not very cheap and also is complex.

We are luckily for IBM have a solution + service which name is BlueMix to solve these problems by providing cloud services . BlueMix is a platform in which user publish application and create database like Cloud Services with very friendly user interfaces and beta version is free of charge. BlueMix beta version gives 8 GB memory and max 20 services to use whatever what to do.

Codename: BlueMix includes not only java and databases but also has a lot of different services related to big data, data management or mobile applications.

First of all, we use SQLDB(a special DB2 version for BlueMix) and Liberty For Java ( a special WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile for BlueMix). We moved our project to Liberty For Java and increased instance number and define memory to 2 GB. Therefore we reached very high process capability and our project was easily migrated from local to BlueMix with WAR Packed. Also, we increased SQLDB’s memory, so was provided very strong database service.

When we migrate to BlueMix, we changed only connection information like hostname and password  for SQLDB in web application and mobile application. Except for this, there is no need extra efforts to migrate the project to BlueMix.

Now, our project is easily accessed with database via URL and automatically is published on World Wide Web.

We continue to develop our project with RSA IDE in local and we will publish on BlueMix at the end of the project. Please do not forget, because of BlueMix restrictions you can not directly access BlueMix SQLDB with your personal computer. Bluemix SQLDB only accepts connection with applications published in BlueMix. To solve this problem, we design a web application and use this new application to get some information from database like notifications as a XML or JSON type.

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