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April, 30th 2014

Hello there, as we progressed during the early hours, we emerged to say that it is convenient to know that a device is smart enough to isolate power on a power outlet based on user preference and perform real life switching of electrical appliances, and also more enlightening when this device can efficiently perform that task over an ad-hoc network. During this period, we have effortlessly put together various components of the electric power outlet monitoring and wireless sensor network circuit involving;
ADE 7751(metering IC), PIC16F819 microcontroller, The XBee radio and XBee breakout board.
This would provide an ease of access for controllability, thus, low data rate wireless communication with high precision ranging and localization by employing ultra wide band technologies for a low power and low cost solution. Moreover, it involves wireless radio connections on every power outlet for transmission of power consumptions, light and temperature data. This data is received by the receiver radio at the gateway and then stores it in a log, which is further transmitted to the android device.
The android app would be programmed using java with eclipse as the development platform. This android mobile app will be used to display the total power consumed in the building in addition to enabling the user monitor and control power usage remotely over an ad-hoc network or the internet. Subsequently, we would provide updates on the progress made as we keep speculating, studying, designing and creating. Be sure to keep tabs on us.

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