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April, 29th 2014

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Nowadays, the usage of mobile devices is increasing day by day and all systems which aims to the end users began to be developed on mobile platforms. Users connect and use our mobile application on mobile devices so that we care about user phone interaction.

There are separate interface features for each mobile device which has various operating systems (Android,Windows Phone , iOS). If the project is prepared for three different platforms within these specifications by re-shaping, this situation forms a negative diversity for both developers and users.

At this point, the Worklight of IBM which gives us opportunity to develop Hybrid APP in our project is activated. All users who has any of 3 mobile operating systems can easily provide their operations with equal features on the system that we have developed with worklight.

In our project, we have met our dynamic web page operations with user by preparing a hybrid atmosphere with Worklight. Some of these are user registration and to supply an emergency blood with your GPS position.

We avoid to create multiple interface designs and codings which prevent stable and same interfaces applications by virtue of Worklight. We had exactly same interfaces for different mobile platforms with Worklight.

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