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Some of our award winners were at the Engineers for a Sustainable World conference last week.  We took a couple photos.

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April 8th, 2014

Students for a Smarter Planet is supporting Berkeley in running  their hackathon at the Energy Institute at Haas / Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative.

Entrants build software-based business solutions and open-source code for energy and resource challenges. Around 75 attendees (from computer science, information science, engineering, business, energy & resources, and other departments) will compete over the course of a weekend to build apps under two themes: 1) Water: Solving California’s Water Crisis and 2) Energy: Revolutionizing Building Energy Efficiency. Last year’s hackathon resulted in two software-based business solutions, WattTime and Thermostatly. Additionally, we will have an open-source coding track, to build open-source data collection standards for smart meter data. See more at

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Students for a Smarter Planet is proud to support this project!

The mobile phone application warns patients, especially the elderly, about medicine intake time with mobile devices via push notifications. it follows and records daily activities with calorie information and create reports for doctor or dietitian and supplies a connection from doctor to patient with private messages. The system also includes a hardware module which connects to mobile devices and gathers air pollution conditions and if necessary sends warnings  to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients. Patients can easily share activities to social media platforms. The system supports sharing of unused medicines in the population with NFC tracking. Its technical structure is based on IBM Technologies.

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The Stanford chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World, studying in the Architectural Design department are participating in a project to help people in Cape Town build a sustainable facility to bring high tech education to the community.  They will provide a schematic design of the building, help secure funding for construction and develop a sustainable operation plan for the future of the center.  Students for a Smarter Planet is helping them with their travel expenses.

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NCSU students are receiving an award for their project “Solar Powered Intelligent Compost System”. They are going to build a prototype automated, self-contained composting system aimed at the home gardener, using commercially available components and sustainable resources. The tumbler will not only automate the turning process of the compost pile, but will make the composting process intelligent. Using sensors and controls, factors such as temperature and moisture content of the compost will be able to be monitored and also controlled.   This system is aimed at older gardeners who may have difficulty using existing compost tumblers, busy professionals who want to have a larger backyard garden but may not always have the time available to keep up with the compost production, people who travel a fair amount and would rather spend their time at home in the garden and not composting, or people with disabilities who might find rotating a compost tumbler a difficult task.

I could really use this!!

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