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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has “launched” a public challenge with the aim of innovating technologies vital for the establishment of a colony on Mars. The agency is focused on a mission to the Red Planet, and has already taken the first vital steps. However, while simply reaching Mars with a cargo of healthy astronauts would be a monumental triumph, maintaining a permanent presence on so inhospitable a planet could prove to be a much greater technological challenge.

Maintaining a colony on the Red Planet will prove to be a leviathan challenge, compounded by the knowledge that should a catastrophe occur, the nearest aid sits roughly 140 million miles (225.3 million km) away. At best estimates, the shortest periods between resupply missions from Earth would be around 500 days. It is inevitable that much of the technology at the outpost will be reliant on resources from the homeworld, making any delays in the launch of a supply run a potentially life-endangering event.

The three most promising candidates will be granted a $5,000 USD minimum award.

So here’s the challenge to you:  submit an idea for one or more Mars surface systems or capabilities necessary to achieve a continuous human presence on the Red Planet.

Click on the red planet to submit your idea(s):

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April 13th, 2015

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Ankara University:   Event support for: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Days; 2-3 May

Bogazici University: Event support for EXIT 15; 9-12 April

Expo Information Technology will gather university students from all over
Turkey, to inform them about computer science, information technologies and latest
technological innovations while creating a network of people who are interested in the same
goal. During 4 days of EXIT’15, many panels, symposiums, company visits, workshops and a
hackathon are going to be held. IBM Turkey office is also one of those offices that we will visit
and have two seminars of “IBM Watson” and “Cloud computing and Bluemix platform”.

University of North Texas:  Event support for creating podcasts;

We are creating a forum for people to share their experiences and ideas. By doing so, our community of
listeners will gain experience and knowledge in a variety of subjects.




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We’ll be supporting multiple projects over time – here’s this semester’s work:

WHO Measles Data Visualization Project

This project utilizes a web-based platform to allow a user to transparently and quickly view and compare trends associated with the Measles virus for all 193 sovereign states. It will be used by the World Health Organization to make more effective decisions regarding vaccine deployment.

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IEEE landing page:   Sign up for Bluemix:

Sshowcase note

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