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If you are familiar with any of the various tellings of the story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, you’ll understand what an extraordinary leap forward this invention provides to those who are blind or have visual impairments.   And, what a boon they can be to those who provide care and instruction for those with visual conditions.

“Braille is a very important part of the world for the estimated 39 million blind and visually impaired individuals around the globe.”

Computerized Glove Teaches Braille


This technology is being developed in a partnership between experts behind Google Glass and Georgia Tech‘s revolutionary “Piano Touch

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Hello guys, a summer program for youngsters who would love to code is on, thanks to IBM for making it possible. The program entails web and mobile application development. It kick started on the 7th of July, 2014 with the registration of applicants, 8th and 9th was the opening ceremony of which the young minds had several talk shows including “Mobile application lifecycle” – Girish Dhanakshirur, IBM, India, “Roadmap to becoming a software developer – Zoryana Tischenko, IBM, Irekand”, “Overview of bluemix cloud starter – Matthew Perrins, IBM, UK”, “Introduction to development suites” etc.
It has been intriguing so far, with packages such as HTML5, PHP, photoshop, bluemix cloud data analytics and networking and Oracle database programming already in session. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as the program which is intended for five (5) weeks advances, the youngsters have a lot more to learn, explore and discover. Consequently, they would be adept at Web application development, Database programming, and Android application development. Keep tabs on us as we progress into the world of computing with its limitless possibilities.

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Would you like to live in a perfect city in South Korea or Abu Dhabi or Japan?  They do exist!  Commercial and private organizations are increasingly investing in these pop-up cities.  Imagine a city that recycles 80% of it’s water, replaced cars with electric pods and has street lights with motion sensors creating a security network.


Take a look at these sustainable Pop-Up Cities!

The MIT and Masdar Institute Cooperative Program enables students to work with government to focus on alternative energy, sustainability, and advanced technology.

Gale International, of New York City, is one such private organization developing the Songdo sustainable city in South Korea.

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A study released June 16, 2014 and reported by theguardian, profiles 100 leading sustainability innovations that are truly innovate solutions to age-old problems.  These are ideas that may have sounded far-fetched at the outset, but with dedication and hard work have become a reality.  What ideas do you have that can better our world?

Here are the top 10:

1.  AirCarbon by American company Newlight is a carbon-neutral plastic material made from methane and other greenhouse gases captured from the air.


2.  Intelligent window glass by View


3.  Now an easy way to profile from recycling that old phone and other tech products.  EcoATM by Outerwall is a network of automated recycling kiosks for tech products.


4.  PowWow Energy detects water leaks from irrigation systems used in agriculture.



5.  Software fighting energy losses in buildings by Retroficiency.


6.  The Biotrans system is installed at restaurants and canteens, where it collects and grinds leftovers into a homogeneous biomass where it can be turned into renewable energy.


7.  With transparency and social responsibility integrated into every step of the supply chain, Fairphone is offering ‘an ethical mobile phone’, and creating a fairer economy.


8.  The AirMaster carpet by Desso captures and retains fine dust and pollutant particles, providing a healthier indoor climate which is actually better for allergy prevention than hardwood flooring.


9.  In Sweden, a public-private collaboration has resulted in the IT system Cato, that makes use of advanced algorithms to operate railway traffic as energy efficiently as possible.


10.  The Groasis Waterboxx helps plants grow in desert areas in countries with limited water resources, with no continuous need for energy or irrigation.


Read more about the leading sustainability innovations

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In a previous blog-post, I ‘fessed up to being something of a klutz.  In my defense, it’s often a case of being the hapless victim of circumstance;  ‘Wrong place, wrong time’, if you will.  Like the instance of a 1/2 full milk carton being lobbed by our star basketball player toward the garbage can in our high school cafeteria… It somehow veered mid-air and collided with my head (he did not mean for it to happen, and apologized profusely!).

Or the time a ceiling-fan blade unexpectedly detached itself in a restaurant and made straight for me – again my head, would you believe?  The frequency of these random contacts with seemingly self-possessed projectiles has often led me to ponder the concept of ‘heat-seeking missiles’.  (I must give off some sort of weird target vibe…)

Are Smartphones The Future of Thermal Imaging?

(P.S. If you’re working on projects to blunt the accuracy of ‘heat-seekers’, I’d love to hear about it!  I sure could use some help…)


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