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As a follow on to the Vertical Farms blog post by Kimberly (published August 6th), read about this Thesis project from Philipp Hutfless who’s studying Industrial Design at University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt,  Germany.  He was inspired by a trip to Japan which sparked his desire to design a food system that could be sustained offshore.

Here’s a sketch of his work in his own words on the

James Dyson Foundation website:




Another description of the project is posted on the Fast Company exist website  (They have all kinds of reviews, musings, op ed pieces and product information on their site – check it out) Floating Ocean Greenhouses Bring Fresh Food Closer To Megacities



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There’s a $1,600 bounty from @IBM and #s4asp on @GNUtools’s #GCC to implement split-stack support for PowerPC Linux:

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Watch Bountysource regularly for the change to earn cash for developing bug fixes or features.  We’ll be adding bounties often, so if you miss a chance, come back for the next.

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In 2009, Statoil successfully installed the Hywind Demo, the world’s first full scale floating offshore wind demonstration unit. Statoil is working on establishing a pilot park in Scotland with five 6 MW turbines hoping to make the installation of Hywind even easier – to enable more markets to reap the benefit of floating offshore wind.

blog hywind

Statoil has just announced a challenge for those who are innovative and can work to solution their installation obstacles.

YouTube Preview Image

Get the details of the challenge at hand and submit your proposal today!

And with job openings around the globe (Canada, Norway, Scotland, Brazil, Venezuela and the US) you may just find the perfect fit!

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