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MindSumo is helping connect college students in need of mentoring to working professionals in various fields. Mentors create a profile which is viewable by MindSumo’s user base of over 30,000 students, and students can then request an introduction to specific mentors.

1) Get help to avoid mistakes others made as a college student!
2) Low time investment (usually one or two emails a month) and a high degree of satisfaction as you see yourself grow and progress over time.
3) A chance to share company-specific experiences with professionals who might be excellent network contacts for careers within an industry or company that attracts you.

To sign up to find a mentor go to

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IBM scientists are partnering with National Geographic Kids to set a Guinness World Records title for the world’s smallest magazine cover.

You can participate by voting for your favorite National Geographic Kids cover here:

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February 24th, 2014

What´s up friends of IBM!!..

Well today we have a free day of school, because in México we celebrate the “Flag Day”

but in our university was the “Autonomy Day”…

Whatever, we spend the whole day buying some material for the project like the RFID programmer for the “Tags”

I hope to share the pictures of the material the next time, because the rest will be sent in a few days…

We are on time to finish!!

I hope.. :S xD


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February 11th, 2014

Hello there! Coming up a bit late but now we’re rolling! We are designing a more efficient and economical power conservation solution.
If you were asked about the major power problems faced by consumers in a good number of developing countries like Nigeria, you would mention several things including the problem of inadequate power, with the consumption of the available portion being grossly mismanaged.
“Why then spend so much on electricity when the power consumption management can be made smarter?”
We are unraveling the mystery behind a smarter power ecosystem by designing a smart power monitor. It intends to leverage an android based application that interfaces with an intelligent electrical power consumption monitor over an ad hoc wireless network. The monitor manages all power outlets, isolates unusual power consumption and performs real time switching of electrical appliances. The monitor has the capability of intelligently determining which devices require power based on preferences and expected lack of utilization (Wendy mentioned this too!).
So far, we have developed a scheme for monitoring every power outlet using a low power microcontroller circuit. The data acquired is transmitted over wireless network through a gateway to the android device for monitoring and observation.
Right now, we are focused on the circuit design, microprocessor programming and Andriod application development.
Subsequently, we would provide updates on the progress made as we keep speculating, studying, designing and creating. Be sure to keep tabs on us.

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IBM Redbooks publications provide trusted product positioning, expert guidance, and installation and implementation experiences.   IBM also offers materials that provide the “just in time” technical information users need to quickly understand offerings and to make effective decisions. From classic books and papers to new Solution Guides and Product Guides, Point-of-View publications, blogs, and videos, IBM provides what you need, when and where you need it.

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