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While cricket consumption isn’t new in the world, the western world has not embraced this way of eating.

In the year 2050 it is estimated that the Earth will be populated by 9 billion people. A sustainable alternative to meat production that will produce enough for everyone, without posing additional stress on the environment is being sought. One such protein source is insects.

Insects have marginal environmental impact. They produce virtually no methane, reproduce extremely quickly, and require minimal feed, water and space. It is estimated that crickets are 20x more efficient to raise for protein than cattle.

eXo, a new start-up in Brooklyn, NY is banking on the success of their protein bars which are made with cricket flour. Their mission is to “normalize insect consumption”. Two Brown University graduates think they have created the perfect food item that American’s will find palatable.

Stockholm is really ramping up their cricket production with plans to create InsectCity and BuzzBuilding.

blog cricket house

Belatchew Labs has developed plans to make Stockholm a sustainable, cricket-consuming city with InsectCity and Buzz Building, an integrated network for cricket cultivation and consumption.

Do you embrace this food source? Will you make it a part of your daily diet?


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Great opportunity for some no-cost instruction!  Learn more about the details concerning the topics to be covered, the amount of time per week you need to invest, and how this course can assist you in focusing your current studies to plan a career in the global economy post-graduation.  Click the link below (and watch the course intro video on their website, too).

Case Western Reserve University is offering a FREE on-line six week course called “Beyond Silicon Valley:  Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies”.  The course is from October 3 – November 21.  You’ll get a certificate at the end from Case Western.

Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies

Explore how communities in transitioning economies around the world are working to enable the growth of entrepreneurship when the resources from the private sector alone are limited.

Instructor     M Goldberg Case Western

About the Course
The path for entrepreneurs to grow their companies outside of well-developed entrepreneurial ecosystems like Silicon Valley is challenging. Most markets around the world do not look like Silicon Valley, and they never will. But there are other models to support new businesses. In transitioning markets (where entrepreneurs do not have much access to private sector financing), government officials, donors, and business leaders are experimenting with creative approaches to support the growth of entrepreneurs.

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August 14th, 2014

Excess heat is a wasted by-product of many industrial processes. Weizmann Institute of Science reports on an Israeli start-up that has discovered a way to capture this industrial by-product and turn it into fuel.  While this new process has not yet been put into production, the test data supports a very compelling debate.

Besides being a sustainable source of energy, an advantage of using released industrial heat rather than solar energy is that the former is released 24 hours a day, while solar energy heat can only be generated between 8 and 10 hours daily.

blog weizmann

Prototype of the the excess heat system setup. Photo: COURTESY NEW CO2FUELS

With plans on the table with two companies in Europe – the largest steel manufacturer in the world, and an engineering and equipment supplier, it remains to be seen how successful this new process will be.

Do you think this transformation of excess heat into fuel will reap substantial benefits?

Read about the proposed plan to execute this process

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August 7th, 2014

Travel on a bike is fun and healthy.  Traveling with a bike can be exhausting and hazardous to your health (keep in mind the angry looks and comments you endure from those who are unintentionally whacked by you toting your green transportation onto a subway, train, bus, … you get the idea).  And trying to get a bike into an electric car for a trip to the mountains is the equivalent of solving the riddle of the Sphinx.

Ta da!!! – this way cool alternative (which may or may not make it to the mass market), but is SO AWESOME!

Lucid Design’s Full-Size Bike Fits Into a Tiny Circular Backpack!


And check out Lucid’s website for information on their other products and projects.  Based in India, their collective creativity is mind-blowing.  And their excitement in what they do is obvious – catch their spirit and build it into your own work!


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With fierce competition for few job openings, it’s no wonder so much has been written about how best to present yourself through your cover letter and résumé.

Let’s face it, there is a whole industry that will tackle that task for you — for a fee.  But, to be truly effective, we know that each job listing requires a customized set of these documents.  That requires good résumé-writing skills.  And we can perfect these skills if we just invest some time and apply good advice.

Check out what has published about writing cover letters

Slater Victoroff, Executive Director at Indico, has published what he defines as résumé blunders that challenge conventional résumé style.

He advises that we should spend 2-3 hours selecting a perfect set of “go to” fonts before even starting to write.

blog serif

Use serif fonts if you are certain that it will be read on a page, and sans-serif fonts if it will be read on a screen (serifs help guide the eye on paper, but just confuse the eye on screen where the resolution is lowered).

Another tip is to send your resume in PDF format – some .doc or .docx résumés become unreadable via mobile or other computer platforms and will be passed over if too difficult to open.

10 résumé blunders to avoid

See how your résumé stacks up…..

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