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So many of us are actively working on world class solutions to the challenges we face everyday.

Well, for those who are making great strides to improve and minimize our impact on our environment, this challenge is very timely.

Unilever has partnered with the University of Cambridge to sponsor the Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Challenge

The goal is to find innovative and scaleable technologies or initiatives that are contributing to one or more of the eight Global Goals  they’ve identified as most relevant to business and entrepreneurs.

Join the conversation, or better yet, submit your ideas.  Here is the timeline for the sustainable challenge2

And if you’re not quite sure how your research would fit into the challenge requirements, there is a wealth of information on their website, such as blogs of other entrepreneurs highlighting their great work and global goals descriptions.

Click on the picture to get all of the detail needed to get involved!

blog sustainable challenge3


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Innovation is all around us.  And, the race is on globally to become the next city or country or continent that boasts the most advanced technology and become home to companies churning out that technology.  The Renaissance brought changes in a myriad of disciplines.  The Industrial Revolution did the same.

Now the changes are less ‘visible’ or ‘tangible’ and more “Cloud-y” – if you’ll pardon the pun!

Chattanooga’s hyper-fast connectivity has become

“a platform for innovation.”


Read the article and watch the video to learn about how


With Gigabit Connectivity,


Chattanooga Could Be


the Next Tech Hub


Chattanooga flag


Maybe a ride on the Chattanooga Choo-Choo will be part of your career path?!

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September 29th, 2015

While it may sound like an oxymoron, the WalkCar is a reality.

With mobile phones, an industry was created that changed the communications model and allowed people to talk with one another anytime and anywhere -  free from a ‘land line’.  The WalkCar may do the same for the auto industry.  It may be an item that will revolutionize the way we think about transportation – in addition to helping solve the dilemma of being unable to find a parking spot in a crowded urban location!!

As described by Charles Osgood on CBS Radio:  It is a lightweight aluminum board that – despite looking like a cookie sheet on wheels – has a top speed of over six miles an hour and a range of nearly seven-and-a-half miles when fully charged. …  The device is also pretty simple to maneuver, with the rider just shifting his weight to change direction.

Kuniaki Sato is the CEO of Cocoa Motors, which makes the WalkCar. He told Reuters it was designed to fit in a small bag…

Check out the video on YouTube here:



For those of us who haven’t mastered a skateboard, this may be a tad unnerving – I like to have something to hold on to when I’m free-rolling along a sidewalk.  But, it certainly looks like fun!  And it’s a non-polluting source of mobility.  What’s your opinion?

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Cognitive development is a wondrous event to witness.  Hearing a child say their first words, take their first steps, or any other “firsts” that take place can be a reason for celebration.   On the flip side, when those expected events fail to materialize, it can be cause for worry and alarm.  Read about an app, invented by 19-year-old Harsh Songra in India, that seeks to bring some assistance when those circumstances arise.

His app,  MyChild, helps parents screen developmental disorders in their kids in just 45 seconds. It then makes suggestions on which specialist doctor they should visit.  Click on the pic below to learn more about his life and his vision!!

My Child


And he’s got plans for the future as well – - – “We want to extend medical research with the help of multiple doctors and medical associations to make the algorithm more accurate”

Visit the product website here:

My Child

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September 5th, 2015

Use ‘em to carry your reusable water bottle, of course!  You’ve probably seen the commercials that show mankind’s propensity to create mountains of litter without giving a thought to where all that waste ends up.  But how long can we afford to keep doing that?

One young man, founder Ben DeBlois (16 at the time he invented the product), took notice and created something useable and attractive from ‘leftovers’.  Here’s a product that is eco-friendly and planet-minded.  There’s a push in most parts of the globe to eliminate one-use plastic bags – this backpack provides a terrific alternative for toting around your worldly possessions!  Click on the logo below and check out

Caribou Camping Co logo


And read more here:

Each Backpack is Made from 25 Recycled Plastic

Water Bottles then made into Recycled Polyester

The backpack has a padded laptop compartment, side sleeves for easy access to small items, adjustable straps, is of lightweight construction…and oh, it has the added bonus of that cool Caribou logo on it, too!  What waste material can you turn into a product that is good for the planet and potentially a marketable item that brings you income and glory – as well as making you feel good about contributing to the salvation of our Earth?!

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