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When solar panels first began cropping up on rooftops and in large fields, a number of people were ‘offended’ by what they considered an ‘unsightly blight’ on the landscape.  This rather fun story tells the tale of how a film director’s sense of humor can turn things around…


James Cameron’s


Open Source


Sun Flower


And a second article on this happy topic from Spirit Science

Perhaps the most exciting dimension of this flora is that it’s expected to be OPEN SOURCE!  That means you and I can make our own “garden”!

A little sunshine & laughter can go a long way to making the formerly unpalatable more appealing & acceptable – and who doesn’t smile at the sight of sunflowers?!

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July 9th, 2015

We’ve just wrapped up the July 4th holiday here in the United States, when we remember our break from British rule & celebrate our independence as a new nation.  We’re no longer under the sway of any ‘tyrannical monarchy’; and, in these modern times, there’s a lot to admire about those plucky Brits.

Read about a waterfront locale in Great Britain that’s embracing technology in a bid to increase revenue for its shopkeepers; it’s been dubbed the “digital catapult centre” and looks to improve transportation & healthcare (among other industries) and create job growth in multiple sectors.  The new centre is one of three initiatives in England funded by government-backed body Innovate UK.  According to Neil Crockett, chief executive at the national Digital Catapult Centre, the seaside city is the poster child for the campaign because the whole community is involved in digital innovation.

Having a fast mobile network will be essential if this internet of place is to succeed. The plan is for the University of Surrey to provide a 5G test bed to the new centre – one example of local academia supporting local business.

“Brighton is known for its small, independent retailers, many of which don’t have the resources to create and market a website”…“If we can create a platform that understands the main interests of consumers – such as films, food, clothing brands – then local retailers can send out targeted messages to people’s mobile phones as they walk past”

Brighton: the seaside resort that wants to be the smartest


digital city in England


Brighton England

While, admittedly, there are folks who feel that this type of data bombardment might be a bit overreaching (think: “you’re in my personal space”), this tactic could be a wonderful boon for tourists unfamiliar with a locale to learn about the vendors, travel options and events that are unique to an area.

Planning a trip any time soon?  If the Brighton program succeeds, it will probably expand to other parts of the globe.  You could be that next moving sales target!!  “Brilliant” Smiley face

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June 9th, 2015

If you’ve ever traveled on a plane over several time zones, the resulting disorientation and loss of sleep can do rotten things to your physiology.  Trying to get back into balance can be challenging, if not downright impossible.  This technology introduced by Valkee, a Finnish company, just might present an answer – they’ve developed a new gadget that beams light through a user’s ears.  (Now if they could figure out a way to zap you right to your destination, that would really be a mighty leap forward…  but, this is a good start for the present!)


The Human Charger


Valkee Human Charger


Read a review in this piece published by Smithsonian:  Has a Finnish Company Found a Cure for Jet Lag?

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June 1st, 2015

There are many funding opportunities available to those who are interested in exploring the pathways of the entrepreneur.  Here’s one to take a look at…


Here’s their newest challenge:  StartEdu 3 Application Opens on July 1, 2015.  The StartEdu Competition is a nationwide program looking to identify, mentor, incubate, and invest in the most promising early-stage education startups that are serving India’s masses.

And click the logo for a look at a past Grand Prize winner:  LabInApp

From the B. V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering & Technology website
“LabInApp, a CTIE start-up, participated in a competition called StartEdu by Unitus Seed Fund.  LabInApp got short-listed in top 11 educational start-ups across India. Many of these startups are from IITs and IIMs !!  In the end, LabInApp (previously Intuitive Labs) has won the StartEdu competition. And now eligible for one crore investment.”


What educational tech are you working on that might be marketable (and profitable) for you while bringing exciting education to the children of India?

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May 27th, 2015

Since well before the start of the space program, dehydrated food has been in use.  And microwaves, once thought to be ‘science fiction’ are in just about every home and restaurant in the developed world.

Here’s the latest addition to food prep that could excite your inner “Trekkie” (that’s a person partial to the television series and subsequent films on Star Trek for any of you not familiar with the term…).  The once futuristic concept was that a human could walk over to a device, place their food order verbally, and – presto – a fully cooked meal would appear almost instantaneously.

An Israeli company is introducing a new miniature cooker, called the Genie – it’s able to turn pods of freeze-dried ingredients into full meals in as little as half a minute.  Ayelet Carasso and Doron Marco are the Israeli entrepreneurs behind the device.

Real-life Star Trek ‘replicator’

prepares meal in 30 seconds




The price-tag may be hefty to start, but the inventors have a lot of confidence in this new kitchen gadget.  They are hoping to have a major impact on reducing world hunger (read the full article about the product by clicking the link below)

The Genie’s creators say it could also help solve global hunger. “In our world, we are getting fat and we are throwing away a lot of food, in their world, they don’t have any food,” Marco told Reuters. “So if you use Genie, you can distribute the food better, you can have the shelf life much longer without the preservatives, give the people better food for them.” (source: The Times of Israel)

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