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If you’ve read the children’s tale of Jack, the Giant Killer and his adventures scaling the beanstalk (or some version of this story that has been handed down in a non-US culture), you know that climbing high can have its rewards and its challenges.  Vertical farms may bring a new language to farming around the globe – as we climb ever higher to feed our expanding world population.

Vertical farming is a way in which smaller spaces can be used to produce quantities of produce and plant life that plots of land don’t allow for in crowded or urban areas.  “Simply put, vertical farming means using a multi-level building, preferably within an urban centre, to grow food.” (JP Brown)  Check out his full post on LinkedIn:  Growing Up, Not Out: The Potential of Vertical Farming

Take a look at some of the companies that are involved with this growing technique.  Maybe there’s an employment opp here for you?

SkyGreens in Singapore

The Plant in Chicago

Terrasphere in Boston

Green Living Technologies, Inc.


See the vids! maybe order the book?


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July 18th, 2014

I have to admit – I stole the title for this post (’cause it made me giggle and want to say “what the heck???!!!”)

Maybe your future lies in studying the creatures of the sea and the benefits they bring to us.  They both fascinated and frightened our ancestors – perhaps you find them mysterious and enticing, too!

Why whale poo is good for the oceans… and us


Hey to Duke University for the part they play in this research!


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If you are familiar with any of the various tellings of the story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, you’ll understand what an extraordinary leap forward this invention provides to those who are blind or have visual impairments.   And, what a boon they can be to those who provide care and instruction for those with visual conditions.

“Braille is a very important part of the world for the estimated 39 million blind and visually impaired individuals around the globe.”

Computerized Glove Teaches Braille


This technology is being developed in a partnership between experts behind Google Glass and Georgia Tech‘s revolutionary “Piano Touch

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Check out this post by Lawrence Bonk.  I confess to having more than my fair share of footwear in my closet – like many women, I guess.  Self-Lacing Sneakers …not likely to be a purchase I’d make for myself, but fun to contemplate!  Wearable tech is a big rage – are you wearing any?  Or better yet, designing any?  Maybe clothing/accessories will be the career path for you at Nike


Take a look at some of Lawrence’s other posts on new stuff that’s hitting the market:

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Much has been written about what skills we will need to be successful in the 2020 workplace (it will be here before we know it!). Not surprisingly, technology is the driving force behind these changes.

According to the Top 10 Online Colleges’ recently published study, the following are the contributing factors for needed adaptation:

  1. Extreme longevity: People are living longer.
  2. The rise of smart machines and systems: Tech will augment and extend our own capabilities.
  3. Computational world: There will be an increase in sensors and processing that will make the world a programmable system.
  4. New media ecology: There will be new communication tools that will require media literacies beyond text.
  5. Superstructured organizations: Social technologies will drive new forms of production and value creation.
  6. Globally connected world: Diversity and adaptability will be at the center of operations.

So what are the skills you should be working on today to ensure you’ll have a job tomorrow?

They include:blog skills 2020


This article was syndicated from Business 2 Community: The Future Of Work: 10 Skills You Will Need To Be Successful [INFOGRAPHIC]

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