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October 23rd, 2015

Technology continues its march around the world.  This post focuses on a major project which has been in the works since 2013 in Thailand, specifically Myanmar.  The budget and scope of this endeavor – the first Solar Plant to be constructed in Thailand – is impressive.  Read about both the plant and the design team that has been engaged to bring this vision to fruition…

Here’s the backgound on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by Green Earth Power in 2013 [Note:  the company is privately held and does not have a website of its own; but, they are the driving force behind the new power plant.]

Green Earth Power to develop Myanmar’s first solar plant

“Green Earth Power (Thailand), the developer of the power plant, on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding with Myanmar’s Ministry of Electric Power for the country’s first solar power plant. Total project value is US$275 million (Bt8.15 billion).”

“…present power production was not enough to support industrialisation in Myanmar and solar energy would be the first supplemental source of electricity. Currently, 70 per cent of electricity in Myanmar is from hydropower, 20 per cent from gas turbines, and 10 per cent from coal power plants.”


and the press from this month trumpeting the project’s movement forward

Black & Veatch to provide design services for Myanmar’s first solar plant

Take some time to read the Press Release from Black & Veatch about the project:

Black & Veatch starts work in Myanmar on Southeast Asia’s largest solar power plant

And spend a little time learning about the design company itself – with international locations, might this be a future employer that interests you?

black & veatch logo

Green Earth Power has been a proponent of solar for some time. Here’s another interesting piece about endeavors they are undertaking in Japan (published in 2013) – Rising Sun to power Thai panels

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Innovation is all around us.  And, the race is on globally to become the next city or country or continent that boasts the most advanced technology and become home to companies churning out that technology.  The Renaissance brought changes in a myriad of disciplines.  The Industrial Revolution did the same.

Now the changes are less ‘visible’ or ‘tangible’ and more “Cloud-y” – if you’ll pardon the pun!

Chattanooga’s hyper-fast connectivity has become

“a platform for innovation.”


Read the article and watch the video to learn about how


With Gigabit Connectivity,


Chattanooga Could Be


the Next Tech Hub


Chattanooga flag


Maybe a ride on the Chattanooga Choo-Choo will be part of your career path?!

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September 21st, 2015

Networking has taken on new meanings with the fast-paced changes in technology.  (Networking used to be going to lunch with someone to see if they could help you along in your career.  It DOES still mean that, but social networks have expanded far beyond the old limits of face-to-face interactions.)

If you don’t know about Software-Defined Networking, take a look at the Wikipedia page for some detail.

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach to computer networking that allows network administrators to manage network services through abstraction of higher-level functionality. This is done by decoupling the system that makes decisions about where traffic is sent (the control plane) from the underlying systems that forward traffic to the selected destination (the data plane). The inventors and vendors of these systems claim that this simplifies networking. [Source: "Software-Defined Networking: The New Norm for Networks" (PDF). White paper. Open Networking Foundation. April 13, 2012.]


There’s a whole conference dedicated to this growing field, and this year’s event is being held in Dusseldorf Germany in October.  Here is the link to the

SDN & Open Flow


World Congress


If you are a student in Germany or have a desire to visit Germany, this may be the spot for you to check out the sites AND get in on some cool tech talk.  Even if you can’t attend the conference, take a look at the list of speakers and sponsors – they are many and varied (from all over the world…)  and one might just be a future employer for you!!

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September 15th, 2015

Being an athlete takes both mental and physical commitment.  There are professional and amateur levels in most sporting activities.   Read about the approach being taken by a participant preparing for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Smart prep for crack shot


Photo credit: High Performance Sport New Zealand

There’s a degree program at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand if you’re interested in looking at possible career options.  Read about one of their grads here:  Anna Skipper-Assistant Performance Physiologist, High Performance Sport New Zealand

“Body temperature control” may have applications within both the Cognitive and Robotics areas of technology.  Do you see any connections where your own work could make a contribution?  Think it over – and don’t forget to cheer for all the athletes at the games!

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September is traditionally “Back-to-School” month in the United States.  For those who’ve already completed their early years of education, August is the time for heading off to dormitories and beginning the advanced, more focused portion of their academic pursuits.  The education sector is taking on new challenges as it proposes to address new methods for preparing a workforce for the future – which will involve a great deal of technology focused initiatives.  Take a look at this company and their achievements to bring superior skills to the student population…


Young Digital Planet


receives the



New Technology Leader


2015 award


The aim of the New Technology Leader program is to distinguish and promote companies that deliver innovative, high-quality solutions and invest in new technologies to address today’s customers’ needs.

Young Digital Planet is a part of Sanoma Learning – one of Europe’s leading learning companies and providers of print and digital learning solutions for primary, secondary and vocational education with over 1,600 employees. They cover all dimensions of education:

  • educational content – different subjects, curricula and language courses
  • delivery platforms, e-learning and publishing technologies – flexible solutions for everyday use,
  • products that support children and adults with special educational needs at schools and medical institutions.


Visit their full website by clicking the logo  Young Digital Planet

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