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September 23rd, 2014

I became a coffee drinker after consuming just a single espresso following an Argentine Tango performance; I was a member of the audience, not a performer, in case you wondered (or worried, if you’ve read any of my previous posts about my lack of innate grace on the floor).  The purpose of my acquiring a love for coffee is unclear to this day… be that as it may, I am doing my bit to support the coffee growing industry.

However, I hate being wasteful & throwing out coffee grounds, so I have found a variety of “useful” things to do with them.  Don’t ask – some have been utter failures!  But,  I do try to re-purpose things, wherever I can…  This use of part of the coffee industry’s “waste material” fascinates me – and I do hope that a market will build.  I have to do some checking around our local stores to see if I can find this product anywhere. 

What uneaten part of your next meal could be transmuted to a great new taste sensation?  Give it some thought, create a useable & palatable dish, try it out on your friends and take it to market yourself.  Bon appetit!

Read the story and…


EAT your coffee!

(then click on the pic below to check out the coffee flour website…)

Coffee Flour

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September 11th, 2014

There has been a lot of discussion about eco-friendly packaging.  Part of the challenge is making it durable enough for transport, safe enough that it won’t affect the contents, and bio-degradable or otherwise recyclable.  Kind of a tall order, isn’t it?  Plus you want any package to be reasonably attractive to catch a buyer’s eye and make them drool over your product from the outside, before they actually use it, right?

Here are some notes from various sources about the ways that packaging is becoming more ‘green’- and the why’s behind this trend.  Maybe you have some ideas of your own that you can bring to market and make a contribution in helping to cut down on landfill…links for the companies are within each article – perhaps your new career lies with one of these corporations!

“Consumers are increasingly expecting eco-friendly packaging, says SIG Combibloc, as it sets ‘ambitious targets’ to reduce its environmental impact”

EcoShield, an environmentally friendly moisture barrier paper

“Pack The Future 2014” Award goes to Promens

Cartons are most eco-friendly packaging

AstraPouch introduces 750ml soft packaging solution

Promoting Eco-friendly Physical Distribution and Packaging

The eco-container by Murata Packaging Co., Ltd.

The eco-container by Murata Packaging Co., Ltd.


And here’s an article about packaging problems you’ll want to avoid repeating…

Good product, bad package: top sustainable packaging mistakes

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September 9th, 2014

While most of my blogging takes the form of searching out really amazing NEW technologies emerging around the globe, I was so impressed by the services detailed in this article, I had to share it.  This old-school trade in India has garnered attention from big corporations and universities seeking to grasp the concepts of their almost miraculous customer service and error-free performance.  Sometimes there’s just no replacement for the human touch!

This Indian meal service is so efficient it’s the envy of FedEx

 ”In a country not exactly known for promptness, 6 million meals each day get delivered through Mumbai traffic with flawless precision.”


 (P.S.  If the story makes you hungry, you’re not alone – I’ve got a craving for Biryani and curry that borders on pathological!)


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As a follow on to the Vertical Farms blog post by Kimberly (published August 6th), read about this Thesis project from Philipp Hutfless who’s studying Industrial Design at University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt,  Germany.  He was inspired by a trip to Japan which sparked his desire to design a food system that could be sustained offshore.

Here’s a sketch of his work in his own words on the

James Dyson Foundation website:




Another description of the project is posted on the Fast Company exist website  (They have all kinds of reviews, musings, op ed pieces and product information on their site – check it out) Floating Ocean Greenhouses Bring Fresh Food Closer To Megacities



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If you are a resident of the European Union (EU), here’s a chance for you to make money while finding out if candy is really dandy!  Take a look at the job posting (also linked in the article below from Time online).

Cambridge Is Looking for a PhD Student to Study Chocolate

However, you will be needing more than a love of chocolate to secure this experimental post.

Interested chocoholics will also need a good university degree, a background in engineering and physics as well as a record of scientific experimentation. Good maths and extensive experience of studying soft solids are also on the tick list for potential candidates. [from The Telegraph: Cambridge University seeks sweet­toothed student for chocolate PhD]


And from the Cambridge News: Cambridge University is looking for a sweet-toothed PhD student to work on a project aimed at inventing a heat-resistant chocolate bar.


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