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I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic and couldn’t resist the chocolate temptation when I ran across this exciting use of chocolate.

I would have a tough time resisting the urge to drink the fuel (since, after all, it was derived from chocolate production)….

This started as an idea and grew into a viable, sustainable solution to production waste. Any ideas floating around about how to use the by-products of cotton candy production :-)

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October 10th, 2014

I’ve sometimes pondered the effects of our wasteful practices in relation to what is discarded and ends up in our vast oceans and seas.   But I was more than a little surprised to see data that describes the decomposition rates of the contents of our debris soup, in other words, what resides in our oceans.

blog ocean soup

Our economical mindset to date has been that of take-make-dispose.  And we are learning that there is not an infinite supply of resources.

In the circular economy business model, the goal for durable components, such as metals and most plastics is to reuse or upgrade them for other productive applications through as many cycles as possible. This approach contrasts sharply with the linear mindset embedded in most of today’s industrial operations.

While I am a big proponent of reusing materials, after learning about this new path to sustainability, I have been further inspired to make bigger strides in this regard.  Do you feel inspired?

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October 8th, 2014

Smash Cup is a recently announced product invented by a regular guy, like you and I, who was looking for a way to help the planet while continuing to enjoy his cup of coffee in the morning.

YouTube Preview Image

This is a product whose time has come!  Why didn’t I think of that?

What ideas are you harboring that would help the planet?

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The Huffington Post recently published a very helpful article that talks about sustainable living. How about 5 new apps that put us on the right path to sustainability – and they’re free!

  • JouleBug rewards you for being good.
  • Rippl is for those of us who need a little extra help remembering to go green.
  • HowGood aims to demystify the grocery shopping process.
  • iRecycle brings together’s national database of over 100,000 recycling and proper disposal locations for over 200 products.
  • PaperKarma puts a stop to your unwanted mail with a simple photo-based app.

My personal faves are Rippl and PaperKarma.

blog apps

And PaperKarma can be the answer to a prayer – no more junk mail!!



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October 1st, 2014

With a new illness dominating the headlines seemingly on a daily basis, health care has taken a prominent position in the minds of the global community.  Here’s an organization you may wish to consider adding to your list of ‘where will I go after school?’ and ‘what contributions can I make that will be valuable to the sustainability of our planet?’

Health Care Without Harm

Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) is an international coalition of more than 500 members in 53 countries that works to transform the health care sector worldwide, without compromising patient safety or care, so that it becomes ecologically sustainable and a leading advocate for environmental health and justice.

Programs include: Medical Waste, Toxic Materials, Safer Chemicals, Green Building and Energy, Healthy Food, Pharmaceuticals, Green Purchasing, Climate and Health, Transportation, Water.

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