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Although most of us are, at all times, peripherally aware of the food shortages around the world, there are those who are constantly addressing the needs of the hungry.  Charities, governments, and individuals make concerted efforts to alleviate the challenge of feeding the globe’s inhabitants.  Here are a few links to stimulate your thoughts on what you may be able to contribute through your own work…

Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system. —Bill Mollison


From The GuardianPermaculture in Malawi: using food forests to prevent floods and hunger


From The African Moringa and Permaculture project: Food Forests, an idea pioneered by permaculture, draw upon the examples provided by natural native forests and carefully incorporate non-aggressive exotic varieties.



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The concept is a rolling classroom; its purpose is to bring hands-on tech education to classrooms and build interest in students for science and math as fun subjects.

Where there’s a spark, there’s a flame – and the blaze is growing!!  This Stanford University (California, USA) rolling classroom is reaching both students and teachers alike…

Read about their beginnings and their continuing journey here:



And if you’re inspired by their success, maybe this is a project you and your fellow students will want to take on at your university!  Click the pic for a guide…



Where will you roll?

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May 13th, 2015

The TV news is always bombarding us with stories of abductions and missing persons.  Carrying a cell phone doesn’t always give you added protection if you don’t have time to make a call during a threatening event.  Here’s a story on some tech that might help bridge that gap…it’s called Revolar and it’s

A Wearable That Promises


To Keep You Safe


“Jacqueline Ros, the CEO and Founder of Revolar came up with the idea for the product after her young sister had been attacked multiple times. She wished that her sister had had a “magic button” to call for help.”

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign and the Revolar product website.   Revolar logo

Is there work that you’re doing to help improve the safety of yourself and others?  Contribute to the Students For a Smarter planet blog and tell us about it!


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Ever have the desire to roam the globe, meet new people and live among them – learning about their cultures and histories?  While not everyone is interested in hitching a backpack onto their shoulders and trekking remote areas by foot, there are opportunities to be a world traveler even without an endless supply of cash.  For those who want to learn about reusing and re-purposing materials in a non-prescribed manner, this may be of interest to you…

Field Experiments is a nomadic design collective that explores traditional crafts by engaging in collaborative making with local craftspeople in diverse regions around the world.


Field Experiments in partnership with MFA Products of Design at the School of Visual Arts in New York, is running a summer design camp in Bali!   (June 1-9,2015)  With a focus on transnational and interdisciplinary exchange, the camp is open to undergraduate and graduate students, along with practitioners from any field of design, located anywhere in the world.

Those who attend will participate in a hands-on exploration into new design perspectives around thinking, making and culture – immersing themselves with local artisans and crafts. The camp explores and emphasizes alternative models for using design; as a tool to learn about culture and people; as a way to build cross-cultural appreciation and understanding; and as a mode of mass communication, opposed to mass production, to share narratives and tell stories.

The cost is $3500USD. This includes all accommodation, meals, most materials, ground transport and field trips.  Flights to and from Bali are not included.  Please come! Places are super limited, so if interested

While this particular trip may not be for you, take a look at the website… it may inspire your next great design or help you improve an aspect of a project already in progress.  Creativity comes in all forms!!

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May 1st, 2015

How would you like to ‘glide unseen’ into an area?  While Harry Potter and countless other fictional characters have used cloaks of invisibility to achieve that trick, we more mundane beings have limited powers to make ourselves non-intrusive.  And some folks are better at it than others…my laugh is so recognizable, it’s been the subject of much commentary over the years.  But, if I could clamp down on my tendency to be mirthful, maybe I have a shot at not standing out in the crowd?

Read about tech that’s making at least part of you unrecognizable…  Developed by AVG in the Czech Republic,

New glasses make you

invisible to facial recognition technology

Invisibilty glasses

AVG’s invisibility glasses. (Credit: AVG)

“The glasses, they explained, could help prevent smartphone users from snapping and uploading unwanted and potentially embarrassing photos of you. They can also prevent your likeness from being captured and featured in Google StreetView or other big-data projects.

Sorta’ makes you feel like a super-hero, doesn’t it?  What potential good (or harm) do you see resulting from this technology?  Is there an improvement or offshoot that you can envision?  AVG is a worldwide company – take a look at their job opps across the globe here:  Careers at AVG

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