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October 15th, 2014

Here in the U.S., there’s been a growing trend to give incentives to people who reduce their use of non-earth friendly carriers (e.g., plastic bags).  While they are convenient, most are NOT biodegradable and create mountains of waste.  There has been some success – I’ve seen lots of shoppers at the grocery stores and farmers’ markets using canvas or cloth bags for their purchases.  Small victories, to be sure…but they do add up!

The Scottish have taken this further and there is a Parliamentary pledge for the entire country:

and click here to read the clip about:

The Zero Waste Scotland Carrier Bag Commitment

The Scottish Parliament has passed legislation that will require ALL retailers (food and non-food) to charge a minimum of 5p for each new single-use carrier bag (including paper, those made from some plant based materials and plastic), from 20th October 2014.

The Carrier Bag Commitment will recognise businesses who donate the proceeds from the bag charge to good causes, and all retailers are being urged to sign-up, free of charge.Here’s a story about one retailer, Superdry,  that’s taking the Pledge and donating their proceeds to the Trees for Life charity in the U.K.

Think about what kind of ‘bag-gage’ you use and carry – and make a conscious effort to reduce, reuse and recycle.  It’s good for everyone!

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October 11th, 2014

Not a typo on my part, I assure you.  This story is not about the musical Fab4, but about an actual insect whose scales may give humankind a way to create products in a super shade of white using far less material than we have to now.   This could lead to better computer and TV displays, which are improved by white-light reflectors that use the beetle’s garden-grown technology.

Read the findings of the scientists from Cambridge University in England:

The beetles white album


Cyphochilus beetle (Credit: Lorenzo Cortese and Silvia Vignolini)

Here’s some more detailed info on the actual insect:  Cyphochilus

He’s kind of cute if you squinch your eyes partly closed and don’t think about him crawling on you…  And here’s a transcript of the radio story that drew my attention to this little critter:       AN INSECT WITH A SUPER-WHITE SHADE

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October 8th, 2014

Smash Cup is a recently announced product invented by a regular guy, like you and I, who was looking for a way to help the planet while continuing to enjoy his cup of coffee in the morning.

YouTube Preview Image

This is a product whose time has come!  Why didn’t I think of that?

What ideas are you harboring that would help the planet?

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The Huffington Post recently published a very helpful article that talks about sustainable living. How about 5 new apps that put us on the right path to sustainability – and they’re free!

  • JouleBug rewards you for being good.
  • Rippl is for those of us who need a little extra help remembering to go green.
  • HowGood aims to demystify the grocery shopping process.
  • iRecycle brings together’s national database of over 100,000 recycling and proper disposal locations for over 200 products.
  • PaperKarma puts a stop to your unwanted mail with a simple photo-based app.

My personal faves are Rippl and PaperKarma.

blog apps

And PaperKarma can be the answer to a prayer – no more junk mail!!



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September 30th, 2014

Ethical fabrics are textiles that are manufactured with sustainable production, respect for the environment and elimination of animal cruelty.

Ethical fabric isn’t restricted to hemp and bamboo. An innovative range of sportswear is now being made out of old coffee grinds.

S.Café® is breaking ground in the most unusual way – making fabric out of coffee grounds! The process is very similar to that used to turn bamboo into a viscose-like material. The resultant fabric is soft, light, flexible and breathable and can also be used to produce an outer shell that is water resistant. It’s impregnated with ‘activated’ carbon, derived from coconut, which makes it UV-resistant, wicks water away, keeps the wearer cool and binds to sweat to eliminate unpleasant odors.

blog coffee grounds

So, how would you like your S.Café® pants, with cream and sugar?

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