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Congratulations to

Lumbini Engineering College, Nepal for “GPS/SMS Vehicle Tracking System”

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey for “ITU Solar Car Team – making the electric car road ready and touring Turkey to promote alternate fuels”

Chanhassen High School, Minnesota, USA for 5 projects:

  • Meshwork:  decentralized internet communications
  • Eco-Friendly Zamboni:  Zamboni with reduced emissions and water reuse
  • The PSC4: solar-powered game console
  • Custom John Deere Ice Resurfacer: Zamboni with complete water/ice reuse
  • Human Powered Bicycle Mower: zero emissions mower



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This past weekend, we competed in the fourth annual MN Renewable Energy Challenge, winning

the competition for the second year in a row.  The competition is to design and build a wind

turbine that are tested in wind tunnel that operates at 5 m/s.  We produced 69.5 joules per minute

of energy.

With the win in the State competition this year, we were invited to compete in the National

Challenge that takes place during the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC,

April 26­-27. 

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regional picture.jpg

We obtained funds to purchase parts and pay for registration from an IBM grant offered to our class. From there we were able to begin constructing our robot with aluminum Tetrix components according to our robot strategy. After analyzing the game, we concluded that most points would be scored in the autonomous period and the endgame. Therefore we decided to build a large robot with pushing power that was still capable of scoring in autonomous and endgame. To accomplish this design goal, we implemented a two-speed transmission into a large frame with various components to score the points. All of our designs, tests, and changes were catalogued in our team’s engineering notebook. The biggest design challenge for us this year was building a solid drive-train that granted adequate traction without restricting speed and mobility. Additionally, during the season, we spent time after school to mentor our school’s other FTC team. We tutored them in robot strategy, design, programming, and presentation skills. Our mentor, Jim Donadio, helped us organize our outreach material and assisted us in working toward several awards offered for FTC. At our regional tournament, our robot performance was lacking, but we we managed to qualify for state based on our stellar performance in judging. Additionally we won the Connect Award for our teams involvement in our school and community. Between the state and regional tournament, our team redesigned our drive-train to allow for improved traverse and implemented new 3D printed parts from our contact at Stratasys. Overall we performed well at the FTC State competition but unfortunate alliances during scored rounds prevented our further advancement. In the future we will continue our involvement with The Stormbots FRC team in outreach events.

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March 1st, 2014

Last weekend, along with 35 other teams, we participated in the Minnesota State FTC Championship tournament. Although finishing in 27th place for robot performance, our robot was performing consistently, scoring reliably every match in the autonomous period (in which the robot is controlled based on pre-programmed instructions) and the end-game period (the last 30 seconds of the match in which specific challenges may be performed for additional points). During the teleop period (in which human players remote control the robot), we were a good defensive robot, keeping some of the best-scoring teams from scoring.

We also performed well in the judging category. In this category, we get to talk to local engineers and professionals and talk about our robot, team, design process, and community outreach. While we did not receive any awards, we were being considered for a few.

While we will not be moving on to the Super Regional tournament, the next level of competition, we’ve had a great 2013-2014 FIRST Tech Challenge season!


Stay tuned for reflections on this year’s season, and some final pictures of our robot.


-The Stormbots

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January 30th, 2014

Our FIRST Tech Challenge team and robot earned a ticket to the Minnesota state FTC tournament at Saturday’s regional competition! We regregional picture

We regret not posting on this blog until now. If anyone is interested, we kept a pre-tournament blog on our teams website at

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