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July 11th, 2014

In Conclusion, our solution follows and records daily sports and eat activities of users and gives some advices. One of the our system’s aims is to develop connection between users and user’s doctor with daily reports which are prepared by system with very good visual graphics. System reminds medicine time and medicine to users with notification on mobile phones and Smartwatch with visual and voice ways.  In addition to this, system includes some hardware module which take user’s pulse and air pollution rate and sends data to Android Mobil Phones. Therefore especially patients who has COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) can be warned with this module when needed. At last but not least, project includes a module which aims to recycling unused medicines.

We are Winner of IBM Turk Software Academy 2014 and wrote two academic articles about this project.

We are very happy to make this project and write blogs. Special Thanks to Wendy Murphy, IBM Turk University Relationship Manager Jale Akyel  and Asistant Professor Ahmet Çınar

Project Lead: Ahmet Anıl Müngen
Project Members:
Gökhan Yılmaz
Fatih Özcan
Figen Önün

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July 6th, 2014

In the real life, to make a project is not enough to create a useful solution. It is very clear that interfaces and scenario of project is very important. Actually, writing code and to build up a program creates only a project however to design scenario for all type of people and to create application with the scenario produces a good solution.

User have to register to use the system in our solution. User can easily create a new account and also can login system with Google Account. Therefore , if user selects sign in with Google, user do not need to remember a new username and password for our system.

System have to take some information from user like diet or sportive activities however people do usually not calculate how much walk or run in daily life. Our system records GPS point and calculates this data and automatically sends to our system.


Everyday millions of people eat meals from fast food restaurants. The restaurant menus do not change very frequently and calories of menus can be easily access on the webpage of the restaurant. Unfortunately, people do not look this information from webpage. Our system detects near restaurants with GPS data and user can easily select ordered menu so the calorie information of the menu is automatically sent to system.

Our solution for unused medicines is very significant part of the project. However especially in the big cities, going and finding something is not easily. Our system takes GPS data from user Smartphone and shows ordered results with GPS data.

Our hardware modules include special small battery because wearable technologies must be light.

When the user complete a sport activity, system recommends to share this activity on twitter. If user want to share, activity is shared on twitter automatically. Therefore, friends of user see this post and our solution is easily introduced to other users.

Interfaces maybe most important part of a project because user interaction affects project’s value positively or negatively. Therefore, to make only back end design and optimization is not enough to make a good project. We focus on more detailed and carefully our design because our users are generally  patients and elderly people.

When we design project we should care mobile design because our project based on  a mobile project. IBM Worklight which is a hybrid mobile programming IDE by IBM, supports Dojo and Jquery Mobile technologies. Jquery Mobile is derivated by Jquery and easily adapt not only to mobile app, but also to web app.

We decided to use Jquery Mobile with RSA(Rational Software Architect) to design easily and fastly. When we design interfaces, we take care usability and simplicity as so


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According to academic works, nearly every one of three people do not take their medicine at the correct time and correct dose. Especially, elderly people do not enought pay attention about medicine taking time and dose. Therefore, notifying medicine time to the user is attractive and important way.

Nowadays, almost all people use smart phones in daily life. Young generation uses smartphones more frequently and effectively than elderly people.  Our system sends notifications to user smartphone to remind

medicine. System not only reminds but also follows whether user takes drug or not. If user do not say “yes” about taking medicine, system continues to remind every ten minutes. Nevertheless, some people do not use smart phones. In our system, this people are taken reminder SMS about medicines.

Our smart phones’ notification service can be enough for these young people.  However especially elderly people do not regularly check notification or SMS at mobile phone.  Because of this reason, we added a extra service which notify medicine’s name and color on screen with sound.

There is a notification screenshot with LG G2 (Android 4.2.2)
sc2Today smartwatch popularity has increased day by day in the all over the world. This smartwatch can be easily integrated with smart phones and can be ready programming like a smartphone. Our system supports s
martphones to show medicine notifications. In other words, user can see notification on smartwatch. As a conclusion, all age of people are notified about medicine so effectiveness of medicine has increased. (There is a notification screenshot on Sony Smartwatch 2)




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The principle of The World Health Organization (WHO) of  equality in health life right between persons in community and refers to necessity of equal accessibility of drugs for patients [1]. According to a study, it is stated that each year value of  $ 500 million of  drugs are wasted and 60% of drugs arethrashed without using because of exceeded expiration date. [14]. Also, it has been found that the range of chemotherapy or cancer drugs are around %30 in wasted and unused drugs [16]. ”NFC drug recycling” module has integrated our project to ensure delivering of drugs which are for people who in need.

One of the main reasons for using of NFC module in our project is the risk of disappearance ofdrug information, because barcode number found on the box of the drug can be deleted and may be deformed. We used NFS tags in our project, because they have resistance to tear, waterproof, also are not easy to be deformed and can be erased and re-written, in this way we have eliminated the problems.

By law, prescribing authority is carried out only by doctors. Due to the work intensity of doctors, we  developed a mobile application with NFC which will do the job of drug storage. Doctors can quickly and easily add and remove drugs just by reading the NFC tags thanks to this application. On the other hand, patients can easily find where the medicine that they need through the system. System contains special features such as drug expiration date and amount of drugs. Thus , the system allows moreefficient use of  little used or unused medicines.


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               Nowadays wearable technologies are the last step of technology for end users. People can keep this devices during the daily activities because of small size and ergonomic design. From point of view of healthcare software, real data which was taken from the outside world, is necessary to inform the user with accurately and precisely. In addition, centrally located information services only give information about their near environment such as a thermometer which only gives information about the room. However, wearable technology produces data wherever person goes.

                ibm2 In our project specifically two different wearable technology modules has been developed which are targeted at patients with COPD. Modules’ software and hardware has been developed by the project team. Our first module which name is “air quality meter”(The short name AQ1)(Fig. 1), consists of oxygen sensor which detect oxygen level in the air and certain gases which are harmful to human, and processor, then produced data is sent to the smart phone via Bluetooth.

 AQ1 periodically measures air quality and sends the results to android mobile device. For example, when a user enters an environment ; AQ1 analyses environment’s air quality and sends data to user mobile device. According to pre-calibrated values mobile phone shows air quality information to the person. This information not only mobile devices but also is showed in smarter watches. System suggests person to leave or stay for decreasing negative effects of the bad air. This module was developed to target COPD patients but all people can use and provides more healthy life style.

ibm1, Our another module, called “pulse oximeter” measures the pulses from fingertip. This data is sent to the mobile devices via Bluetooth. Especially while sporting, abnormally increased pulse is dangerous and shows body’s problematical situation

 If there is no final judgment in medically, pulse condition is an important data about the physiological condition. When the user are applying the prescription for sportive activity given by the doctor, pulse information are continuously measuring. In case of abnormal increase or decrease of the pulse during physical activity, user is notified by module. This notification is also made in a similar manner with smart watch. Thus the user and the doctor are informed of the situation. Therefore people will not tire yourself more and a possible harmful situation will be prevented. Doctors will easily follow the situation and update the sports prescription of user.

This article was written by Fatih Özcan, Ahmet Müngen and Figen Önün (Project members)

Stay Tuned For Our Next Writing.

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