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UC Merced
April 29th, 2013

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Download Video   Scroll down to view the video.  Students make the college wall posters go mobile.

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FLASH BACK: Remember when cell phones became popular in the 1990s?

Now that I have made you feel old, these so-called mobile devices (bricks) refused to fit into pockets, did not have color screens, and must have weighed three pounds! No judgment.

Now let us reflect on how far we have come.  A new category of cellular devices emerged. Smart phones: our pride and joy.  Without them, our world ceases to exist.  Collectively, we email, search the Web, play games, pay bills, socialize, organize our lives - the list is endless.

In this fast-paced, smart phone era, UC Merced students are creating, programming,and monetizing the next great apps for smart phone users.

This year, 15 teams from freshmen to Ph.D. students are competing in the second annual UC Merced Mobile App Challenge. Teams are tackling real-life problems, such as a hassle-free way of dividing bills between housemates, a game assisting individuals with learning disabilities and a concept that will revolutionize the physical shopping experience.  As the 2013 spring semester begins, teams will meet with top industry mentors for advice and guidance in development and marketing strategies. And as the semester comes to a close, each team will pitch their app to UC Merced students, faculty and staff as well as potential investors in the hopes of claiming the UC Merced Mobile App Challenge bragging rights, scholarships and other prizes.

Stay tuned! In the next couple of weeks, we will be announcing the app challenge teams and their advancing ideas that will soon flourish into reality.


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The 2012-13 event is being sponsored by our group! See for full details.  The challenge, for Merced students is to create an innovative mobile application.  Pretty wide open!  Can’t wait to see the ideas coming forward.  Contest opens up 10/15.

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