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We are currently in the Digital Age in which the availability of global near real-time access to large quantities of information is changing the nature of work, especially information-based work.
People predict a flood in the U.S. Internet traffic in 2015. That is one million billion bytes of data,or roughly equivalent to fifty million Libraries of the Congress, or 50 times the U.S. Internet traffic in 2006.

In the Transportation Industry, it is necessary to collect data for indicators analysis on how public transport networks are operating. These indicators can be used to obtain information about arrival times and, as a result, help people to take a better decision.

Our team is currently working on the integration of three mobile applications. In addition, the team is validating the functionality, performance and reliability criteria of the Desktop application and the Web system. Further, we are testing the algorithms of real-time data taken by a truck prototype of our university.


 This is the home screen of the mobile application which shows the user search options, proximity alert and information of the day.


The following picture shows the screen used to query the arrival times of routes in the mobile application. On the left side, you can observe the transport name, its characteristics, the stationthat is coming, and the estimated time of arrival.


This picture shows the bus stops in a specific point of the city. On the bottom left side, you can observe the path name of the station. On the upper side, the station of arrival. On the upper right side, the route service hours.

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On Mar 1st 2013, IBM Guadalajara organized an event to deliver the Students for a Smarter Planet award to the professor Ing. Jose Luis Torres. In addition, we had the pleasure to recognize the group of students who have been working with the “SIMOVU (Public transportation Real Time Tracking System)” project at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. Some press (including a National TV network – TVAzteca) came to the event and had the opportunity to interview a couple of students.




 Professor Jose Luis Torres and Francisco Javier de la Mora (Technical Leader)

At the end, we had the chance to talk with the students and hear their plans for the project (for Summer 2013 and after that). We’ll look forward to hear more successful stories from the UAG Students For a Smarter Planet group soon.

UAG Students for a Smarter Planet chapter

Student Juan Pablo Costa interviewed by TVAzteca

Student Juan Pablo Costa interviewed by TV Azteca

Way to go!

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"Public Transportation Real Time Tracking System"

The issue of urban mobility has become a crucial point in the development
strategy of the different urban centers, It would be enough to point
out at the uncertainty around the schedules and routes used by the public transportation
system in some cities, which along with insufficient information available on the different services offered by the buses affects not only regular users, but also impacts tourists and people requiring specialized access like disabled people.

As a response to these needs we have been working on the development of
a management system which allows real time tracking of the available
buses in the city transportation system.
Some features include providing the buses estimated time of arrival to
the bus stop in which the user will use the service, as well as
allowing users to request the estimated time to get from one bus stop to another, helping them plan their trips ahead of time.

Our goal is to give the user the power to make informed and timely
decisions on their daily planned activities with the possibility to adapt their plans according
to the current state of the transportation system.
This can help users optimize commuting time so they can use as much
time as possible on their own personal activities instead of allowing
it to fade away due to the lack of proper information to make time
saving decisions.

SIMOVU has integrated a multidisciplinary team which works hard
developing this system, we are aware on the positive impact this kind
of system can have which is what keeps us motivated to do our best to
provide a tool that exceeds our own expectations.

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Hooray for Juan Pablo Costa Ponce and his team for taking on the challenge to improve bus services in Guadalajara by creating applications to help people manage their time, and get details about the services provided.  Should save time and money for riders!

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