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Water Pressures
September 17th, 2014

Heard this story on the radio and thought of boyfriends past who were SO into StarWars; perhaps they are still…  It was all about the Rebel Forces, and how the Death Star pulled them in – but I digress…

“Sci-fi” references aside, this is genuine Tractor Beam Technology that is currently being explored by scientists in Australia.  News has been released that physicists at The Australian National University (ANU) ‘have created a tractor beam on water, providing a radical new technique that could confine oil spills, manipulate floating objects or explain rips at the beach‘.

Here’s three takes on the subject:

ANU     BBC News   IFL Science


P.S.  I hear the surfing is great down under. Maybe you want to head off and join the Aussies to do some water research…

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Sink hole, worm hole, pole shift, big earthworm, UFO, meteorite – what do these things have in common?  They are some of the theories swirling around how the GIGANTIC HOLE which was recently spotted in Siberia was created.

The massive hole which may span about 262 feet in diameter, was spotted recently on the Yamal Peninsula in Russia, commonly known as the “end of the world,” The Siberian Times reported.

blog sinkhole

Geologists and researchers have just returned from a trip to study this strange occurrence – read all about their scientific explanation

Do you have any expertise in this arena?

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Building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.  That is the mission of  World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), of which I’ve been a supporter for many years.

One of their initiatives currently underway is the pilot of a Payment for Environmental Services (PES) program.  PES is the practice of offering incentives to farmers or landowners in exchange for managing their land to provide an ecological service.  In this instance, a watershed plan is being undertaken for the Mara River Basin.  (60% located in Kenya and 40% in Tanzania.)

The goal of PES for the Mara River Basin is improved water quality as well as improved flow regime that will catalyze sustainable watershed management and create a win-win situation between the community (the land-owners) and the private sector partners. Furthermore, the upstream farmers will see an improvement in livelihoods as slow down of soil erosion and reverse of forest loss leading to an increase in agricultural productivity.

Read all about it:  Piloting PES in the Mara River Basin

Click on the panda & get informed on all of the global good being done by WWF!  WWF logo

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A study released June 16, 2014 and reported by theguardian, profiles 100 leading sustainability innovations that are truly innovate solutions to age-old problems.  These are ideas that may have sounded far-fetched at the outset, but with dedication and hard work have become a reality.  What ideas do you have that can better our world?

Here are the top 10:

1.  AirCarbon by American company Newlight is a carbon-neutral plastic material made from methane and other greenhouse gases captured from the air.


2.  Intelligent window glass by View


3.  Now an easy way to profile from recycling that old phone and other tech products.  EcoATM by Outerwall is a network of automated recycling kiosks for tech products.


4.  PowWow Energy detects water leaks from irrigation systems used in agriculture.



5.  Software fighting energy losses in buildings by Retroficiency.


6.  The Biotrans system is installed at restaurants and canteens, where it collects and grinds leftovers into a homogeneous biomass where it can be turned into renewable energy.


7.  With transparency and social responsibility integrated into every step of the supply chain, Fairphone is offering ‘an ethical mobile phone’, and creating a fairer economy.


8.  The AirMaster carpet by Desso captures and retains fine dust and pollutant particles, providing a healthier indoor climate which is actually better for allergy prevention than hardwood flooring.


9.  In Sweden, a public-private collaboration has resulted in the IT system Cato, that makes use of advanced algorithms to operate railway traffic as energy efficiently as possible.


10.  The Groasis Waterboxx helps plants grow in desert areas in countries with limited water resources, with no continuous need for energy or irrigation.


Read more about the leading sustainability innovations

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Very interesting article concerning alternative power sources being explored globally.  Over the centuries, we’ve found other drilling/mining operations to have unexpected consequences to the earth’s structure – and to humankind.  The jury is still out on this one, I guess…

Hot rocks are a core asset


New engineering techniques mean that hot rocks in the Earth’s crust are second only to hydroelectric schemes as the most productive source of renewable energy, with huge potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Hot RocksTemperature distribution at 1000 m depth in Europe

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