Students for a Smarter Planet ..leaders with conscience

Students for a Smarter Planet ..leaders with conscience

Get funding for your projects


How can you get funding?

Funding closed November 2015.  A new program will be announced in 2016.

You can propose a project, hold an event or write an app.

The requirements are that the project, event or app must be

1) related to your school work – helping to build your skills,
2) associated with any smarter planet theme, and
3) doing some good for your community – or a community of any size.

Your school can be awarded up to $3,000 USD on projects for you to use to buy supplies, or whatever is needed to implement it. Events are supported up to $1,000 USD.  Apps that are freely available that you write that meet the criteria can earn $1,000 USD for your school to use as desired.

Nominating a Project

List of information required to nominate a Students for a Smarter Planet student project.

University information

Payment options.  IBM will use EFT as first option, and will use the check option if needed. Send the EFT form  as an attachment to your email.

Check information if needed

Project Information

Course and smarter planet information

Commitment to blog:  If you are chosen for an award, we request that your team report about your experiences over the semester. Blogging is expected and videos are very welcome.  Who will be your lead for communications on the project?

Blogger name and email; schedule of blog posts

At project conclusion, the team will prepare a 2-5 minute video to post on the blog.

Project details


If this award is approved do we have the faculty permission to publicize Name, Department, University on external website or other publicity? – yes or no

List attachments (e.g. EFT form, tax exempt form, as needed for this proposal

For examples of sponsored projects please click here.

Event support

We’ve added support for events that meet the criteria of 1) building skills, 2) doing good, and 3) smarter planet themed.  You’d send in a nomination as above with this information substituted for the project data.

Event Title

Event concept (up to 100 words)

Event dates and location:           


  1. What course or program name from the university catalog is the event related to?           
  2. What skills or knowledge will the students gain at the event?      
  3. What is the link to your community or ecosystem? Or, how does the event relate to making the world better or smarter?      
  4. Specify which Smarter Planet topic(s) are related to this event?
  5. How many attendees are expected?       

Includes the commitment to blog about the event.

APP awards

One more option to get funds for your school: use IBM’s new cloud platform, IBM Bluemix™, to write an application to improve the world in some way that you make freely available.  The app needs to be related to any smarter planet theme, and should be related to your school work – helping to build your skills. Write it, make it available (load to iTunes or send link to it on “”, and apply for $1,000 award for your school to use to celebrate your achievement.

You’ll need to fill out the information requested for the project proposal above.  The commitment to blog is replaced by a commitment to make a 1 or 2 minute video about your app.

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