Students for a Smarter Planet ..leaders with conscience

Students for a Smarter Planet ..leaders with conscience

Take Action Now!


Here are a couple things you can do as an individual or group to make an immediate impact on the world. Take action now!

The World Community Grid (see our story) is the largest non-profit computing grid running programs to research things like clean energy, clean water, curing malaria and even cancer.  Students for a Smarter Planet is a partner there, and you should sign up and join our team.  We have set ourselves challenge to reach 50,000 years of run time. Really, it’s possible, the top team there has over 28,000 years already.  Statistics can be found here.

Here is our current status:

Besides signing yourself up and all your friends (MAC or PC); try to get your school to register its all lab machines too.  Several schools have done this already.

Start using Creek Watch


One other thing you might be able to do is to download a free app called  Creek Watch.  This is crowd sourcing  to improve your local water. Here’s a video about it:  YouTube Preview Image

Local non-profits in your area

If you’d like to help a non-profit and nominate working with one as you project you can start with this form to see if there’s work that might be done for them.  Of course ideas outside the scope of this business oriented form are OK too.

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