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The mobile phone application warns patients, especially the elderly, about medicine intake time with mobile devices via push notifications. it follows and records daily activities with calorie information and create reports for doctor or dietitian and supplies a connection from doctor to patient with private messages. The system also includes a hardware module which connects to mobile devices and gathers air pollution conditions and if necessary sends warnings  to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients. Patients can easily share activities to social media platforms. The system supports sharing of unused medicines in the population with NFC tracking. Its technical structure is based on IBM Technologies.

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The Stanford chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World, studying in the Architectural Design department are participating in a project to help people in Cape Town build a sustainable facility to bring high tech education to the community.  They will provide a schematic design of the building, help secure funding for construction and develop a sustainable operation plan for the future of the center.  Students for a Smarter Planet is helping them with their travel expenses.

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This spring break gave 10 students the opportunity to complete projects in Bogota, Colombia and Lima, Peru! Here are a couple videos with some footage from each.

Bogota, Colombia

Rainwater Harvesting and Landslide Mitigation


Cieneguilla, Peru

Surveying and water resources infrastructure at the Wesfalia Kinderdorf Orphanage

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Hello! Since our last post we’ve continued to prepare ourselves for this life-changing adventure. We’ve held several meetings to discuss what we need to take and what we already have so we can work toward getting the necessary tools and materials. We also sent in our passports to get our Chinese visas! The next step is to fully analyze the bridge and determine things such as the amount of concrete we need, logistics of getting everything there to the site, the tools we need to bring, and how to best repair the portion of the bridge that is sagging. We still have a lot of planning and preparations, but we have made good progress and intend to keep pushing forward! Another portion of our trip is attending an international concrete conference. Two papers will be submitted, on concrete research and this bridge reconstruction. We are excited and busy, with less than two months until departure.

Until next time,

ESA Team Mongolia

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A big thanks to Erik for putting this post together!  A few days ago, we gave you information on the Rainwater Collection Project in Colombia, and we thought we would update you on our other big project in the beautiful country.

Field Visit and Site Investigation
The Landslide Stabilization Project benefited greatly from the multiple site visits during our time in Colombia. We were able to physically walk up and down the landslide that we are in the process of stabilizing. We had the pleasure of meeting the individuals whose homes have been damaged by this slowly moving landslide, and we gained further understanding of the interactions of surface water and groundwater with the landslide. While we were there, a drilling company was in the process of drilling and logging core at multiple points along the slide. These samples will be tested for soil properties to apply to our computer models of this slide. Below is a diagrammatic image of one of the computer models used for stabilization analysis.

Usme Landslide

Future Goals
• By June 2014
1. Apply soil properties to landslide models
2. Prepare a technical document to give to the local mayor to provide funding for implementation

• By June 2015
1. Collaborate with the students in Colombia to finalize a design for a passive, low maintenance drain and trench system to move water quickly off the surface and from within the slide to improve stabilization of the slope
2. Implement our collaborative design on this landslide

We are looking forward to continuing the landslide stabilization project with the PUJ students! Below is a picture of some of our team at the landslide site.

Landslide Work


Our cultural immersion post is coming soon!

-ESA Team Bogotá

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